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No space on Sim card :(

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I've got an O2 Sim card and am now using it in a 3rd new phone constantly hoping that something might improve. Basically it appears to only have space for about 10 msgs after which it's forever gurning at me to delete msgs to make space. This has been driving me nuts and so I'm wondering how to improve on the situation. I'm currently using a Blackberry 7130v Smartphone. Will I have to invest in a whole new Sim card? And if I do, will I be able to retain my current #?? 😐

Appreciate any ideas on this.
TKR slight_smile
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Its quite unusual that your phone is saving texts to the SIM, I'd check your message settings to see if you could save them on the internal memory instead.

Older 2G SIM cards were quite limited when it came to capacity. So if you can't change the settings, I'd recommend popping in to an o2 store to SIM swap on to a 3G SIM card. It'll work in your phone and you'll have loads more space for contacts (and hopefully messages too).

3G SIMs have a blue back with o2 logo (white on chip side).

Depending on the age, 2G ones can have thw o2 bubble effect or be a strange whitey orange colour (reminiscent of BT Cellnet).

Hope this helps.
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You can transfer your number onto a 3G card so you should definitely replace yours if its not 3G. (A 3G card would have 3G after the 19 digit number on the sim)
O a Blackberry 900 I once owned, you could save the messages on the phone rather than the sim card.

You selected :
• Options
• SMS Text
• Leave messages on SIM card : No

Hope this helps

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Truly appreciate your replies as you've hit the nail on the head perfectly for me - I have indeed selected the leave msgs on Sim card as I thought that was safer, but know it's a VERY old Sim (pre-2000 possibly!)so I might well just take the plunge and upgrade it at some point anyway, but I'll change the settings and see what happens.

Thanks SO much!!
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Its much safer to store them on the handset , as you can then back them up using the software supplied with your handset. However, as you are on O2, you might as well sign up to O2 Bluebook and have all your messages automatically stored on the O2 Website for you.
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Haven't come across that Blue book before so will go and track that down. Have to go hunt down the right software too as I didn't get a CD with this handset. Thanks again. Awesome forum this for speedy and solid replies - rarity sometimes online!! grin
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