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No phone for 3 weeks, 2nd sim sent, sho ws network bars but won’t make/receive calls or text msg’s.

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After upgrading my phone, did sim swap, old sim stopped working new one didn’t work. Contacted 02, turns out new phone was faulty but sim worked in my old phone. 24 hours later this sim stopped working aswell. Contacted 02 sending new phone (having to wait Atleast 3 weeks for phone to be in stock) also sent new SIM to use in old I phone whilst awaiting new phone. New sim shows the network bars and has 02-uk in the corner so attached to network but won’t make calls or send messages or receive them. Spoke to 02 again as I have now been without a working phone for 3 weeks. Someone told me the account had been barred by mistake and this would be removed within 24 hours but this hasn’t happened. Spoke to them again today and told me there has not been and never was a bar put on the account. Someone is lying but no body is helping me they just tell me to wait 24 hours and keep advising to try the same things that aren’t working. How can I get my sim working and my phone to make calls or send messages etc. I’m fed up of being robbed off now for 3 weeks!!!

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I'll ask @O2Lisa to look into this in the morning for you.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Thank you so much, I have made a complaint and they tried to sort it but don’t seem to be able to help me any further and told me someone would contact me to sort things out, that was on Monday and I have heard nothing. If it’s not sorted soon I’m just going to have to go elsewhere as no phone for 3 weeks is just unacceptable and now someone is telling me one thing and then someone else telling me something different, it just seems nobody can help me. 

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Morning, thanks for the tag @MI5.

@Laubonfos I am so sorry about this, I'll message you privately and look in to this for you.

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Any messages sent outside these time will be responded to on my return.
Thanks slight_smile

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