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Nearly time to upgrade, what should I get

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Hi all I will soon be reaching the end of my 2 year contract so will be looking to replace my Nokia n95. So far I think I have settled on either the iPhone 4s or the Samsung Gallexy 3s Anyone got any views on which one to go with. Also do O2 offer any incentives to stay on O2. At first glance it looks like O2 will charge me £100 for either phone but if I go through the likes of Carfone warehouse I can get either one for free. Do O2 offer anything to keep me as a customer. Thanks Jeanette
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The phone choice is really down to personal preference but if you upgrade over the phone it is possible to get a better deal I did and I didn't even ask I was just offered extras (more minutes) etc so if you want to go through o2 I would suggest you try doing it over the phone 

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If you want to stay with O2 you can still go through CPW. O2 won't give you a free phone but they may offer you more mins/texts etc. It all depends on your monthly spend. The more you pay the better the deal etc....
Re the decision between iphone or S3, it all depends on you! If you like customising your phone and have full control over how it works, go for the S3. If you want to do it the way apple wants and not have the ability to change / customise / alter settings then go for the iphone. In general, iphones are easier for non techy people.
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