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My Blackberry

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I have had nothing but problem's with my blackberry, I have tolarated it for way over a year (longer). My children have blackberry's they don't have problems with thiers, they have looked at mine and there is defiantiantly something not right, I lose signal, people can't ring me and my phone is clearly on.. I tried to contact you via phone on numerous occasions to no avairl.. Yes one of your o2 shops have looked at it and said they haven't a clue.. The final straw came not being able to contact or recieve calls etc while in hospital after having an operation(yes phones were allowed in hospital). I find this unacceptable and as I said its been a long standing problem with the phone.. This phone is registered to me I pay the bill etc for my partner to use which as been the case since day one. (So she could be in constant touch with the children all 5 having blackberry's). I must stress again this phone is faulty, compare it to the childrens other 5 and it does nothing it is meant to. I expect a swift reply as I really am fed up with this now-we are not one's to complain but this is beyond the joke-paying for services for nothing it seems

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This is a user to user forum my friend.

We are all customers too.


Please remove your e mail address to avoid possible spam.

I have asked a site moderator to remove it just in case.


Have you checked the service status to ensure your masts are working ok.


Take the sim out and clean it.


You could pick up a blank sim from an o2 shop and ask them to do a simswap in store which moves your number and tariff over to it. This is just in case your sim is faulty your using now.


Look at performing a soft reset.


Then look into hard resetting it although make a back up as this typically deletes your saved data. Just google how to soft reset and hard reset your model of blackberry.


Either contact the manufacturer{recommended} to send if off for a diagnsotic or approach an o2 shop and have them send it for to be looked at.

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