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Making a Complaint

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Good Afternoon all

I have put a complaint in via the email address I was given in y local O2 store.  I sent it in on the 22nd December 23, but have not heard anything back.

I have rung customer services and asked to be put through to the epartment that deals with the complaints and each time they try and deal with it intead of passing me through to the complaints.

Has anyone got a number I can call to get straight through to the O2 Complaints Review Service.  I am starting to wonder why I am even with O2.  I had to use my insurance to get a replacement phone as there was a deep sratch on my screen which was effecting the S Pen on the S22 Ultra.  The replacement they sent had screen damage already on it is there was a hole line of dead pixels and a nice yellow line across the bottom of the screen.

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It can take upto 8 weeks ( 40 working days) for o2 to respond to complaints...  There is no phone number for the Complaints review service, sorry but you will have to wait for them to come back to you.. 


Also there have only been a couple of working days since the 22nd.... So you are not even at 7 working days yet...

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