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Limited Offer on selected handsets only - not for upgrades?

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I will be upgrading my phone soon, and I was looking at available tariffs. I found a "Limited offer available with selected handsets only." tariff listed with all the other tariffs on the O2 online shop. However, when I began the upgrade process, this tariff was not listed as an option. I spoke with an O2 Upgrade Advisor, and she was inconclusive, suggesting I try again tomorrow as it may be a temporary fault.

You can see this for yourselves: Go to the O2 shop, add the Samsung Galaxy to your basket, and have a look at the 18 month contracts available. The tariff at the bottom of the page is labelled as "Limited offer available with selected handsets only." in big red letters. Now, when I go through the upgrade process (I am of course eligible for upgrade) this tariff is not listed. Any ideas why?

I am expecting this to be an technical problem with the website, or that someone at O2 simply forgot to make the option available. I'm an experienced computer user, so would be surprised if it is a problem at my end.

I'd love to get an answer on this one, and am especially keen to hear from an O2 representative, do they frequent this forum?

EDIT: I have read in other posts that O2 do not post here, so where could I raise this issue with O2 directly?
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Use the "Contact Us" link which is on many pages of the website. (e.g at the bottom of the home page)
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Thanks prking. I've submitted a query, apparently O2 aim to reply within 24 hours. I'll keep you guys updated with it. In the meantime if anyone has a clue what's going on, please do post.
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Note that it says "selected handsets only"?

You'll find that the Samsung Galaxy isn't one of these selected handsets.

The tariff you have chosen is only available with o2's cheaper handsets when doing an online upgrade.

As far as I'm aware you'll be able to get it with the galaxy, but you'd need to do your upgrade over the phone and probably pay a fortune for the phone.
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Hi canwefixit,

Try adding the tariff to your basket as well; I've made it all the way to the checkout with this combination, so nothing makes me think I couldn't buy this from the O2 store.

O2's Upgrade Advisor confirmed to me that this offer is only available online, although like you say, I could probably get them to do it over the phone if I heckled them enough grin

Yes I'll pay a fortune for the phone, £244.67 to be exact, but over 18 months (with web bolt on) it works out as £88 cheaper than the Online 20 tariff, and £127 cheaper than Online 25. Admittedly the tariff I want is a strange one (it comes with no free minutes or texts, you MUST choose unlimited texts OR unlimited O2 to O2 calls) but I hardly ever make phone calls on my mobile and they're only 20p/min anyways.

Anyway, I got an email back from O2:

Good evening Robert
Thanks for contacting us about upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy. I'm sorry to know that you're unable to upgrade your phone with your desired tariff online. Also you've spoken to our upgrades team, however you got no help. I can imagine such a thing can be really upsetting. Don't worry, let me see what best I can do for you.
Robert, I've checked your account and see that you took a new 18 month contract from us on 3 June 2008. It's due to complete on 3 December 2009. You'll be happy to know that you're eligible for an upgrade anytime now. There might be a technical problem due to which you're unable to upgrade online. However, please check if you're following the correct steps as mentioned below:
To upgrade, please click on the link given below:
Then simply follow the steps given below:
- Please enter your phone number in the 'Enter your mobile number' box.
- Click on 'Text me my upgrade code' tab.
- The code to upgrade your contract will be sent to your phone, you'll then be required to enter it on the web page and follow the online instructions.
- You may also be asked for your account number, which is .
If you're still facing a problem, I'd request you to again call our upgrades team on 0870 600 7102 and I'm sure they'll help you this time. They're available from:
- Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm
- Sunday 10am to 8pm.
They'll be in a better position to help you.
Calls to the above number are free from any of the O2 mobiles. They're charged at national rates from any other network providers and fixed lines.
Robert, did you know you can also benefit from our impressive O2 Treats?
I trust the above information helps. Hope you get the deal you're looking for. Have a nice time. If you have any further questions, please contact us or visit our online Help Centre at:
When you email us please provide: your full name, first line of address, postcode, registered email address and mobile number as it helps us answer your query faster.
Kind regards

O2 Customer Service.

So, in conclusion: There might be a technical problem, phone Upgrade Team again tomorrow.

Looks like this saga is far from an end!
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