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International Call Me Number

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I understand that the "International Favourites" Bolt On is being discontinued.  And, there will be a new international calling service with low rates for international calls is being added.


I haven't seen any mention of the "Call Me Number" that was provided along with the International Favorites Bolt On.  That Call Me Number has been indispensable to me for work purposes.  Losing that number will be a huge loss - the sort of loss that used to occur before phone numbers were portable upon changing telephone service providers.  Should I presume that the Call Me Number is going to disappear at the end of this month?


Anyone have any insights?


Thank you.

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Hi @Anonymous As you say the Call me number was part of International Favourites which is closing on 30th November, so I would presume everything linked with that would close as well

However when I searched, I found this which still appears to be working?

I keyed in a few countries and it showed the Call me service was still available.

Now, whether that's an out of date link which hasn't been removed from the website I am not sure and would have to ask one of our admin team for clarification. @Marjo @MercedesS @Martin-O2?

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The call me number for me was the main reason to be with O2. Without I am not even  considering staying with them as my main concern was never how much I spend to call abroad but how much certain people are going to pay when they want to call me. Viber from now on and bye bye O2. 

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Just found out the call me number is gone!! I was never informed about this!! I used it so my family could contact me from the states without having to pay !!! I too will be looking for a new carrier... anyone know of one that has a similar add on ????
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No, there is nothing from O2, you'll have to Google for anything from a 3rd party.
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