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How to escalate a Fraud complaint

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Can anyone help me who to contact in O2 to have a sensible conversation re a Fraudulant connection in my name and bank details?

I don't pass security but the money is coming out of my bank account so I had to cancel all my direct debits with o2 (i have several valid connnections). I get the run around from customer services over the last 6 weeks -

  • they can't discss the account as I don't pass security,
  • they've raised a fraud case,
  • they haven't raised a fraud case,
  • they can't tell me if they've raised a fraud case,
  • fraud will call me in 7 working days, 28 days, 30 days,
  • fraud will call  the number on the fraud account (which isn't in service)

I need to know that this matter is being taken seriously and looked into but its a different story for each contact with O2. I also raised a complaint which is supposed to be looked into in 7 working days but its been 6 weeks. Ombudsman asked me to get a dsicharge letter from O2 so they can start their investigation and I was told today that I can't get this as I don't pass security.


Who do I speak to for a reasonable conversation on this issue?

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If you cant pass security then you are going to get anywhere due to Data Protection rules, and I am sorry to say but the Ombudsman is talking rubbish on this point, as even they know its 8 weeks and you need a deadlock letter,,


If it is a fraud case then no one is legally allowed to tell you anything about the status of the case as you could be the only committing the fraud as well as other legal factors.  and whether you where culpable in providing information to the fraudsters

I am afraid you will need to wait for o2 and law enforcement agencies (if they are involved) to finish there investigations...

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