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Hi guys,

Slight problem!

I took out a phone contract in my name for my boyfriend at the time, but he has recently broke up with me and I'm still paying for the phone.

He has agreed to change payment details.

But I'm just wondering can I still terminate the contract after the details have been changed?
The contract is still in my name just that he will be paying. Just want to know if I can still terminate it.

Any help will be appreciated!

And I have learnt my lesson and will not be helping out anyone again!

Many thanks
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I had a similar experience a while ago, even though you're changing the banking details, you'll still be responsible for any shortfalls in payments until the contract runs out.
The other option would be for him to give you the money to pay the balance of your contract off?
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You can as you state change bank account details and let him to continue to pay the bill until the contract has run full term and then end the contract ( if he's on the account as an allowed person to contact and change things ie Upgrade then I'd suggest phoning O2 on 202 and change that and change any set up passwords to access the account , so he cannot upgrade or change anything ) although as account holder you do remain responsible for payments.

The handset is your property as account holder too.

On a refresh tariff if the account holder pays off the handset plan ,then a person can give notice to end the airtime part and walk away and keep the phone. So you could perhaps sell the handset to accrue the funds to pay off the plan.

If your on a 24 month standard contract then it's the amount of months left x the monthly amount , minus any insurance and bolt on's.

If he wants to retain the mobile number then he will first have to take out a new O2 contract, and then you both be on a call to O2 Customer Services at the same time ,and they will move the mobile number from your contract to his new contract, hence ending yours ,and then any fees owing ref ending yours would be payable.

We have come across such posts as yours regarding taking out contracts for partners , family members and friends. It's part of our human make up to want to help someone so at the time can seem a sound good idea ,and I'm sure more many it goes fine.

Unfortunately you've found out things can happen and this is a learning curve for you.

Take care.
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Short answer @Miss_stardancer  No.....

Sadly, whilst your name is on that contract, you are responsible for it. If you wished to terminate, you would have to pay any balances remaining on the contract.

I only hope that your ex boyfriend  does carry on with the payments as he agreed to do.  You will have to check this carefully because if he defaults, that will be your responsibility sadly slight_frown

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Your best bet is to pay off whatever fees are left. How many months you have left x monthly tariff
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Airtime and Handset charges are 2 separate items. Once you settle the balance on your handset it's yours. The remaining balance on the Airtime can be dealt with the same way as already mentioned.


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The point is  that the handset is YOURS! Our depends on the state of your relationship how you want to approach this but my choice would be to get your estranged partner to pay off the handset and terminate the contract. If they don't want to do that you could always go down the route of reporting it lost/stolen.

So many ways this could go but ultimately the choice is down to you. ....

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Great advice guys!:smileywink:

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