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HELP! Have i got the right to cancel my contract???

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I carried out a 24 month contract out in july with o2 with the tariff of 900min + unlimited txts + 750mb of data for £35 also i added on a bolt on of another data allowance of 750mb not knowing how much data ill use totaling £40 pm,
Recently o2 changed there unlimited data allowance so i called them up to see if this effected me and the reply was no as you use nowhere near your 1500mb allowance (inc bolt on) and was advised by the adviser that i didn't need the bolt on so i canceled leaving me with the standard tariff of 750mb, i get this months bill and its showing £20 worth of data charges so i called them up to say why have i been charged because i wasn't over my 750mb allowance, the reply was 'you have canceled your bolt on and have been put on a web daily' which i didn't ask for that's the reason for the charges and i said i shouldn't have this web daily i have a 750mb allowance but they are saying that my tariff doesn't come with the 750mb allowance but its stated on my contract so they asked for me to fax it over and called them back and they said i see you have got the 750mb allowance part of your tariff but you shouldn't of been offered this deal, we cant change your contract that was there reply and they insisted i pay the £5 bolt on again to cover the data allowance which i said no to because im not getting what i signed up for so he put me on hold and talked to manager came back and said what we can do is put the bolt on back on for a fee of £5 but then add a £5 subscription discount so it will total at £35 after the discount, i was fine at that but i went online today and the discount is only for one month and end in feb, so it ill end up paying my bolt on when i should have it in my tariff. I just wanted to know am i in my rights to call them up and cancel without incurring charges for the rest of the contract term as Ive had endless calls with them and thought id sorted it with them but obviously not so id rather just cancel this contract and start a fresh because they say they cant change the existing contract???? yet they'll happily change it when you want to upgrade your tariff!
Thanks for taking the time to read this, Happy new year!

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They should honour whatever it is the sales assistant sold you. Take your copy of the contract into the store you bought it from. They'd have to take ownership of the mistake before customer services can make any changes.
*it will have to be done in the store you purchased the handset from: essentially they have to admit they made a mistake*
Good Luck
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Extra Data boltons are 500mb £5 and 1gb £10 no 750mb extra bolton exists according to officially posted info on the o2 support pages for data. Also the additional data boltons were not available until november as the unlimited ended 1st october much discussion then and first month after unlimited no actioon unless over double included allowance. Looks like a right messed up contract agreement. eg viewtopic.php?f=25&t=53539 is one thread about the new limits also official press release ... l-2a3.aspx
If you do not get satisfaction through customer services then raise a complaint to the complaint review services details on the support pages or in many threads on her.
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I think you may have misunderstood your contract, helped along by some shop goon not explaining it properly. Your contract will state that you took your tariff and phone along with a data bolt on, but this data bolt would always have had a £5 charge (listed separately, but not actually a separate item which is where the confusion comes in) as the only tariffs that exist with data pre-bundled since feb 2010 are the iphone tariffs. As adam said, there has never been a 750mb extra bolt on, and the extra bolt ons that do now exist only came out in November, so the contract you descibribed could never have been applied and still cant.
However cs response to your call was, i believe, first class, and giving you a £5 discount you arent actually entitled to just because an idiot in store screwed up is brilliant way to make sure you get what you were told youd get. Remember they didnt do this to you and they are a different department so it was very good of the guy to do this for you instead of just directing you back to the store for them to sort out their own mess ( different departments are responsible for their own budgets and answerable to higher management for giving too much away). In your place i wouldnt be complaining about that, id be full of praise.
I cant believe the discount was only added for 1 month because, as far as i am aware, discounts can only be added for 12, 18 and 24 months ( pre set). I would get them to check tnis for you and if it was done that way im sure they would change it again, as a one month discount would be meaningless.
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Another thought occurs. If it hasnt already been done, get cs to submit your bill with the data charges submitted for a credit request due to misadvice, and you could get your data charges refunded. Adding the discount recognises the original error so o2 will give you the data charges back.
Also, the point you mentioned about allowing you to upgrade your tariff if you want isnt actually a valid criticism as this is for the customers benefit, not o2's.
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I had this problem but with a upgrade
They charged me for 2 free upgrades when they never applied the credit to cancel the stock order. I called immediately and was told it would be resolved but i then receive a text stating Jan bill was £304 which meant the issue was not resolved. this is not the first time its happened and was told by CS we should always monitor ur own account, so why pay all those #### a wage when we have to do their jobs for them!
U can cancel ur contract if you can prove that O2 aren't providing the service which u signed the contract to. Trading standards will be in your favour if you can prove O2 r in fault. You will not be held liable fo rthe ramining contract period however you may have to return your handset if it was a part of the contract deal
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