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Getting chased by a debt company for a contract I never had. Tried multiple times to sort it...

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As the title says. Couple years ago, I ordered an internet hotspot device. It got delayed but they had them in the shop. So the shop sold me one and told me to ignore the original order when it came to store to collect and the device/contract would automatically cancell. 6 Months later and baffling to understand but o2 had been charging me double for my device and contract. After a few phone calls, turns out my original never got cancelled. Even though the system showed it to be cancelled/not collected. More minutes than I can remember were spent sorting out and eventually someone managed to cancel it for me. And promised me a refund within a week of the charges I had had. No compensation was offered but then again I didn't ask for it, just wanted it put right. Eventually, the contract number left my "account" and I was just left with my 2 phones and the one contract. After no refunds after a week, I tried twice to call, but came to the conclusion that It was honestly just not worth the hassle of being on hold and getting told that someone will call me back. About a year later and I'm now getting chased by advantis for a dept in the region of 60ish GBP. For an unpaid contract. There is nothing in my account for unpaid items and no reference to this at all. I'm getting to the end of my tether that there seems to be no employee at o2 who can a. Look at my details, and b. see that I've never had the device. It wouldn't hurt to actually get my money back that I was wrongly charged for either. What makes it worse is that all employees I have spoken to can tell me that they can see what I'm saying is right, so it's not like it needs severe investigating. But I get the standard fob off "It's escalated, someone will call you back etc and refund your account". Now my credits impacted, and I'm seriously considering just paying the debt and fobbing o2 off and spending the thousands of pounds that I spend elsewhere. Can someone please pull their finger out? I can't even speak to anyone at the moment as the automatic call handler just puts the phone down on me. I'm aware there is a pandemic, but most other large firms have people working all the same, just from home.
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@JMGrice I will tag our admin to see if they can help. @Martin-O2@Marjo@LukasB 

You can also lodge a formal complaint, but admin will be unable to help if you do, so wait and see if they respond. Take a look at the Resolver link within the link if you have to go that route.


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Thanks for the mention on this one @Bambino!


@JMGrice I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you've had cancelling this account. I'm happy to pick this up and escalate it to the credit referrals team. I'll need some details to proceed so I'll send you a private message. 

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Thanks Martin, Will await your pm
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