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Fun upgrading... NOT!

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Thought I would update to 4G, all done via online chat "do I need to upgrade my sim" I asked the answer was NO... sure I read somewhere that you have to anyway received the update and no data service and no 4G....


I Phoned o2 last night and you've guessed it I needed a 4G sim so a trek to my local store today and very helpful guy fitted it and got the sim working...


Home now and still getting... Could not activate cellular data network, you are not subscribed to a cellular data service.


Back to o2 chat and after a struggle it turns out they had not setup my data bolt on with the contract and as a goodwill gesture it will work from midnight??????

Goodwill gesture!! are they taking the @&$$? for fixing something that should have not been broken...


Just phoned 202 as was still not sure if this was sorted and and was told that whover put me on the new contract did it for a normal smartphone and should have checked to make sure I had a 4G sim which they can easily do.


Anyway will have to wait till midnight (lucky I'm on nights) to see if its fixed and if its not I'll be back on the phone.

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Hi and welcome

Sorry to hear of what sounds like a complete mess.

Live Chat are ok for low level general enquiries but we advise to try and not use them for account issues.

Let us know if your services settle or not.

It can take up to 24 hours approx for all the network services to return and by turning your phone off and on throughout this time period helps to reset them.
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