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Favourite postcode - doesn't working properly!

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I have been using favourite post code for over a month. If I top up by £15 every month I'll be getting 1000 free minutes to O2 mobiles and all landlines from within my post code.

The first month though I'm calling from with in my post code and only to the O2 and land line numbers it never prompted 'free call' for most of the calls and I was charged for those calls. For some calls though it prompted 'free call' I used to get charged.

The second month I again topped up by £15. It started happening like before. The customer care executive told me though I'm calling from with in my post code if it doesn't prompts 'free call' then I'll be charged. Now its like I have to try a number some 10 times before it prompts the message. Its becoming hectic and for calling customer care they are charging 25p per call each time. Though I complained couple of times the problem is not getting rectified.

If they can't get their favourite post code plan work why should they offer it in the first place?
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I tried Favourite Place for a short while and gave it up as a bad job.

It's because you are on the edge of a zone where the radio signal can fluctuate, ie front of the house one day, back the next, and sometimes upstairs by a window only.

I always got it to work when I was half a mile away from home.

So I got bored with it and packed it in.
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I tried Favourite Place for a short while and gave it up as a bad job.
I got bored with it and packed it in.

Not too accurate then! 😮
I would have gone down that route too. 😞

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The way favorite place works is O2 assign the nearest transmitter to your registered postal code, as your 'local' transmitter. if you make calls and you use the 'local' transmitter then your calls will be free, but, if that transmitter is busy with other calls, then your phone may use the next nearest transmitter which will charge you for the calls. That is why favorite place isnt a guarenteed service. if you ring customer services they tell you if it says 'free call' then the call will be free, if it doesnt then they tell you to try again later.

Not too accurate then!

to be fair it does admit that in the T's and C's

All calls originating from within your registered UK postcode will be preceded with a free call announcement confirming this.
Favourite Place is subject to network coverage. Service is not fault free and may be impaired by geographic, atmospheric or other conditions or circumstances beyond our control.
Any calls made in excess of your allowance or outside your registered UK postcode coverage will be charged at the new Talkalot rate.
Postcode areas are approximate. We cannot guarantee coverage in all postcode areas and coverage may be restricted in certain areas. Coverage may not be available for new postcodes.
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Favourite place works very well for me, I get the free call message at home and also a mile or so away in every direction.
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