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Does anyone still use the Email to Mobile feature? I've seen a few posts from years back but nothing recent. I'm trying to set it up for my phone. I subscribe and get an acknowledgment email back, but then nothing on the webmail page.


Nobody on support seems to know anything about the feature!

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If you'd like to set the service up follow these steps >


  • Go to and click 'Sign in here' on the left hand menu
  • Enter the username and password for your O2 online account and click 'Log me in'
  • Go to 'Services' in the top navigation menu on the O2 website and select 'Messaging'
  • Select 'O2 Email to Mobile' in the left hand menu
  • Click on the 'Set up O2 Email to Mobile' button
  • We'll then display on screen the mobile number associated with your O2 account. You'll be asked to confirm this number. If it's not right or you wish to set up O2 Email to Mobile on a different O2 mobile, click the 'enter a different number' link. If it's correct, press 'Continue.'
  • Next you will be asked to choose one of two following options and click 'Next':
    • Allow all senders – This forwards all emails from your webmail to your mobile
    • Only allow selected senders – This lets you choose which emails to receive on your phone.
  • An MMS will be sent to your mobile. This is also known as a media or picture message. We'll use these to send emails to your phone, so we need to check you can receive them. As a general rule, if your phone has a camera, you can get MMS messages.
  • If you can receive MMS you'll need to reply 'Accept' to the text to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click the 'Finish 'button 

If you're still having issues try unsubscribing then reactiving the service again.



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hola mario
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@Anonymous wrote:
hola mario
Try a factory reset, if that doesn't work, smash it with a hammer and chuck it in a bucket of water !!!
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