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Diference between Simplicity and Pay and Go

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I'm really confused with all these pay and go tariffs and simplicity.
I hope someone here can clear this up.
I want to buy an Iphone from the apple store and I don't want a contract.
I'm a very light user, I need the lowest tariff, I'm ok paying £10 a month but I want to use the internet ocasionally on the phone to check emails and such.
I know I can only get 500mb with either simplicity and pay and go but what's the difference between them two? this is where I get confused. What's best?
also, can I access BT Openzone and The Cloud on these tariffs?
thanks !
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Simplicity is just o2's way of saying a "Sim Only" deal. Simplicity exists on pay and go tariffs, and 30 day or 12 month contracts.
If you only want to spend £10/mo, then here's the difference is that Pay And Go Simplicity gives you no free minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB data usage whereas 30 Day Simplicity contract gives you 100 free minutes, unlimited free texts and no data usage
Simple rule of thumb is that all the standard contract simplicity tariffs come with no data allowance - you need to buy an additional bolt-on for it (usually an extra £5/mo), but you get more free minutes per month than the equivalent pay and go simplicity tariff.
Have a look here and decide what your best option is between P&G or 30-Day simplicity: ... simplicity
Personally I would recommend the £15/mo Pay & Go tariff. That way you get unlimited texts, 500mb internet, and a handful of minutes to make calls with. And if you know you will need to make a few calls next month, just top up with £20 instead and you'll get 300 minutes.
NONE of the tariffs in the link above include O2 WiFi. If you want WiFi usage you need to get either the iPhone Simplicity (if you have an iPhone) tariff or a smartphone Simplicity tariff.
Smartphone: ... /12_months
The iPhone ones start at £20/mo and give you 300min, unlimited texts, 500MB data and unlimited WiFi.
The Smartphone ones are the same as above. The reason they have seperate iPhone tariffs is because of visual voicemail and the need for the iPhone to have different settings (APN's) compared to other phones.
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Payg text and web now includes wifi on certain handsets Link to follow (tinyurl down)
What does this mean for Pay Monthly and Pay & Go customers?
New and upgrading Pay Monthly customers will be able to choose from three inclusive data bundles of 500MB, 750MB or 1GB however we will continue to offer unlimited data with an excessive usage policy until 6 October as a promotion. From mid November they will be able to buy Bolt Ons for additional data if they need more than their tariff’s inclusive data bundles.
There’s good news for Pay & Go customers with accredited handsets listed below connecting to all Text & Web tariffs. From 7 October, they’ll receive free Wi-Fi access to BT Openzone and The Cloud hotspots. The current list of handsets this applies to are:
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple iPhone 4
HTC Desire
Nokia X6
BlackBerry 8900
Sony Ericsson Xperia
Pay & Go customers will also be able to purchase a new £7.50 per month Web Bolt On which will give them unlimited access to The Cloud and BT Openzone hotspots
The iPhone Web and Wi-Fi £10 Bolt On will be made available to all Smartphone customers and will come with a 1GB data allowance. Existing PAYG customers on this tariff will also get a 1GB data allowance and migrated on their anniversary date. Wi-Fi only applies to the accredited handsets as listed above.
iPhone 11 Pro 256gb on unlimited data
iPad Pro 12.9” 2020 256gb refresh o2 family discount
Apple Watch series 4
My first mobile was in 1995 a CM-R111 from sony on Cellnet.
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Ok thanks, i seems the pay and go tariff after november (i can wait) seems best for me
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