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Hi guys,


Sorry if this question sounds a bit thick but I get extremely nervous with regards to potential chargs having read many stories of people unkowingly being charged.

So, I upgraded my old iphone 5 to a htc. As such they gae me a new sim card for this new phone. This new sim card only started working after I activated it and thus deactivated the old sim card. There are no signal bars or 3G icon at the top of the page so I can only assume this has been successful. What I'm wondering is can I continue to use this old iphone with the deactivated sim with wifi and to take photos without incurring any further charges on my contract - essentialy like acting as an ipod touch device. I assumed this would be the case but I felt it would be safer to ask than not to. 


Any help would be truly appreciated slight_smile

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I cannot see any reason why you cannot use it as effectively an iPod, as you say? You may have to deactivate your iMessage feature, but I'm sure someone more knowledgable with the relevant links will reply to you once they see this!
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Has the old SIM card stopped working now ?

Ie : when a person rings you on your mobile number your Htc phone rings and not the iPhone.

If it does then good.

If your old SIM card still accepts the call then you'll need to perform the sim swap via

Once the sim swap has completed and service has started on your new phone then the original SIM card is de activated so please don't worry.

You could also place a Payg SIM card in the iPhone if at any point you wish to continue to use it as a phone.

If you have issues with people saying they have sent you a text message but your not getting them then yes you'll probably need to de register using the link provided.

You may also need to speak to O2 customer services on 202 to have the iData settings removed off your account settings so your internet works as it should.

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Or just simply remove the sim from the will still work on wifi.

As said, make sure you have the correct standard data bolt on as you probably have the idata bolt on. Check in My O2 and call 202 if necessary.

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Hey @Anonymous I hope you found the advice useful. See you around!
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