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Data usage and tethering in Greece

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Hello, Can anyone assist me. I am upgrading to a Galaxy S3 (monthly) which I will need to use in Greece during August this year. Data charges are a worry. Is it correct that the new O2 tariff will only charge me £1.99p per day max? Secondly - if I tether the phone to my notebook when using 3g - will it incur more charges or remain just the same? Regards jim
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the 1.99 gives you only 25MB max a day go vere it regularly and o2 will remove o2 travel and you revert to standard charges of £40 a month cap with a total of 100MB usage see the t&C here and the info here faq section


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But tethering will come out of the 25mb or 100mb so not realy an option to tether abroad as allowance will be used up at speed.


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Hello, you can thether but just be weary that web pages will use more data on a notepad than they would on a mobile, most sites are optimised for mobile data usage so they use a bit less data. It says you can use up to 25MB / Day, go over it and the service could be removed. It all depends on what you use the data for as to how much is used. If you're just checking emails and going on the web / facebook etc then you shouldn't be using that much data, streaming music and video on the other hand will use loads! What ever you're using it for you should keep track of your usage using the data counter on the phone or download an app - I find the apps a bit easier to use than the counter on the phone. I use DataMan but this is on the iPhone, it might be available on android. If you go over it and the servcie is removed you'll be back on the normal roaming rates which have dropped down to 69p per MB now slight_smile
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