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Just have to post my experience of O2 customer service for others to note.


My other half upgraded the wrong number a fortnight ago, wiping out my unlimited data, masses of calls contract. Our fault, but I had hoped decent customer service would swing things in our favour. To my relief, after a massive wait on the phone, I spoke to Amy who assured me that we could refuse delivery of the handset and upon confirmed receipt, O2 would reinstate said contract. Came away happy but uncertain, so called and (after a while) spoke to a guy who confirmed this was the case. A week after sending the phone back, 3 days after the phone shows as being received by O2, my data has been cut off because I've used all 250m of my unlimited data allowance.


I've spoken after a good 15 minute wait to someone called Rob who tells me the first two people were wrong and there's no chance we can get things back to how they were, because my tariff doesn't exist anymore. I asked what would happen if O2 had made the mistake - Rob assured me that the same would be true and aside from a good will gesture of some sort it would be tough luck.


After finding the contract I want elsewhere, I've justed contacted O2 again. After 15 minutes of horrendous music, I was told their systems are updating and I need to call back again. I'm an unhappy customer, can you call me back? No, we can't arrange for that. What kind of company updates ALL systems at the same time?!? And why don't you have a message warning people before they wait all that time?!?


All this and for some reason O2 decided to canccel my direct debit (but carry on the other half's) so every month when the bill is due I get texts messages threatening to disconnect me.


Shocking, O2, really shocking. I'm now going to have to call you again tomorrow to get this sorted and I'll rest in the knowledge that I can wash my hands of you.


I really can't say anything good right now.

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Hi there,


We're sorry to hear you've not had a great experience


It is true that once you come off of an old tariff it cannot be changed back due to the fact the previous one does not exist anymore. But you should have been informed this on the first 2 phone calls you made.


It seems odd that your Direct Debit has been cancelled but this should be easy enough to reinstate for you with Customer Services. Have they not yet done this for you?


Do keep us posted when you call them back and let us know how you get on.

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