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Cant view my online bill

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Hi Everyone,

been suffering this a while now, I'm on simplicity 19.99 30day rolling contract, but I cannot view my bill anymore on the o2 web site.

Worked fine at first but then one day when i clicked view my bill, it takes my to my personal details and my account section.

Its killing me cause im abroad right now and can't view my balance.

any ideas?
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It could be that the user name and password that O2 have set for you, is different from the one you normally sign in with. Call O2 or try the link below.

Username & Password

There is a page dedicated to 'My O2' problems

My O2 Self-Help

My O2 free from your mobile phone

O2 is free from your mobile phone. Text MYO2 to 2020 to check your balance, remaining allowances and
tariff details. You will receive a WAP URL which you can save as a bookmark and can access anytime free of charge.

This may be the better short term option as you don't need to log in.

I don't think this is free from overseas,but you can send a blank text to 21202

Hope this helps
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Time for another "sticky" methinks.

"Problems logging into MyO2".
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I have been asking O2 to set my account to show my online bill. very poor response. Few times I tried and they keep asking my account number etc. but so far no resolution. Each time when I click on view my bill it takes to my personal details page. I will appreciate any suggestion. please note that my accounts details are all OK.

By the way there is a 10 text allowance per month which you can use online once you are logged in.
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