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Cancel an upgrade - I want my iPhone back!

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Last Sunday (5th December) I upgraded my o2 iPhone to a HTC Desire HD via the Carphone Warehouse store in Bridgwater, Somerset.
Unfortunately I have had a number of problems with the phone including poor battery life and slow response to commands. This combined with the fact that I really loved my iPhone means I would really like to cancel the upgrade and go back to my iPhone or upgrade to an iPhone 4.
I have today visited the Carphone Warehouse in Bridgwater, Somerset and they advised me that o2 have a 14 day handset exchange policy. However, because the manager is not in store today they are unable to exchange the phone.
I have a couple of questions:
1. Can I cancel the upgrade altogether and go back to my old phone?
2. Can I get my phone exchanged in any Carphone Warehouse store, or does it have to be Bridgwater
These above questions plus any nuggets of information you have on returning a phone would be appreciated.
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It would really depend on the policy for CPW on returns especially on upgrades. Best thing is to stick to the same store otherwise it may cause issues.
Though I am a bit surprised the relief manager won't deal with it as its part and parcel of the job. Or rather they don't want to deal with it wink
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I bought a upgrade from CPW on saturday and was told that CPW does not have a returns policy, but the assistant did say bring the phone back within 14 days saying it is faulty then they will exchange for another phone.
That may be the answer.
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Nooooo, I don't want another HTC Desire HD! I really don't like it!
I want to cancel the upgrade altogether, or upgrade to an iPhone 4.
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What about this then....
11.1 Unless otherwise stated, if you are a Consumer Customer and purchased your Service
directly from us (rather than one of our distributors), in addition to any other rights you have,
you may cancel this Agreement up to 14 days after the date on which you receive your SIM
Card (the “Change Your Mind Period“) as long as you give us notice within this 14 day period
either by returning to any O2 retail store or by calling Customer Services. You must also
return any Handset that was supplied to you on the basis that you agreed to enter into this
Agreement, undamaged, with proof of purchase, in the original packaging and complete with
all the original parts, within the Change Your Mind Period either to any O2 retail store, or via
our returns procedure if you did not purchase in an O2 retail store (call Customer Services for
details of our returns procedure). You may use your SIM Card in your Mobile Phone to
connect to the Network during this period, but you will be required to pay for the cost of any
usage you make such as calls, texts or data, including roaming or other usage that my take
longer to be billed. You can view our Returns & Repairs Policy on our Website.

And this....
info: Welcome to O2 live chat. Someone will start chatting with you soon.
info: You're through to Liam.
Liam: Hi, I'm Liam from O2 Online Chat. How can I help you today?
Helen Quartley: Hello. I'm looking at section 4 of your terms and conditions which srare I have a right to change my mind when signing up to a new mobile phone contract. I'd like to cancel my upgrade please.
Liam: Sure, please return the handset and your upgrade will be cancelled.
Helen Quartley: I went to the carphone warehouse, and they said I couldnt return it
Liam: It can be. Just walk up with your handset and SIM and they'll take it back. If you face any issue, just call us on 202 free from your O2 Pay Monthly mobile number.
Helen Quartley: Is there any difference in the terms and conditions because this was an upgrade?
Liam: You can cancel a upgrade order in 14 days from the date of upgrade.
Helen Quartley: One final question. Carphone Warehouse stated through Twitter that: If you have used the phone, unfortunately not. Once a handset is used it is non returnable or reversable through Carphone.
Liam: Please take it as confirmation that you can cancel your order in 14 days even if you've used it.
Helen Quartley: Even at the Carphone Warehouse?
Liam: Yes.
Helen Quartley: Thank you for your help.
Liam: You're most welcome.
Liam: Have a nice day and wish you Merry Christmas. Bye.
info: We'll email a copy of your chat transcript to {email address}.
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The terms you quote say that the 14 days apply when buying direct through O2.
But the transcript, does say you can go to Carphone; as did carphone warehouse. So you should go back there.
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CPW didn't tell me to go back to them. CPW said there was nothing they would do.
If you have used the phone, unfortunately not. Once a handset is used it is non returnable or reversable through Carphone.
Through a 3rd party retailer the terms and conditions differ. We do not accept returns if the handsets are not faulty.
The 14 day return period does not apply to upgrades in Carphone Warehouse with O2.
Please accept my apologies, however, I believe that the information provided from O2 may be incorrect. They may have a 14 day return policy on upgrades, however, we do not allow this.
There are no returns on upgrades as you are not covered by the distant selling regulations. As the store demoed the handset you would have seen the handset and system. When you leave the store with the handset, it signifies acceptance of the upgrade.
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In your first post you said that CPW said that O2 had a 14 policy but they couldn't do anything because the manager wasn't in.
Now you say that they didn't.
You've confused me now.
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Sorry I confused myself!
The store originally said I could do an exchange, but now CEO Team have said I can't :o(
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How did the CEO team get involved? Why didn't you go back to the store as they (and O2) said?
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