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Blackberry Bolt on (already paid for) not working abroad

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Hi, I have the 15pounds Pay and Go tariff for 100 international minutes + a blackberry bolt on for 5pounds. I travel quite frequently and am currently abroad. I was charged 5pounds for my blackberry bolt on the 18th and was working. However today (20th August) I received a message stating that I did not have a Blackberry bolt on or tariff despite having received service for the past 2 days (18th and 19th). As I'm abroad I cannot get through to the customer service number. I would like to inquire what steps can be taken on my part to reactivate the blackberry bolt on (which has been debited from my balance on the 18th for August). Thanks slight_smile

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You can still call CS from abroad From Abroad

+44 844 809 0200

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