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About PAC code

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i have been contact with O2 today about leaving O2 when my contract run out which is 02-10-2011. Customer service give me a PAC code by text to my number. It means that they will cancel/stop my contract on 02-10-11 OR O2 will cancel my contract now but still charge me on my standard monthly payment?
thank you the answer
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Neither. If you don't use the PAC within the allotted period it will be cancelled and everything continues as normal with payments.
If you do use it then your contract will no longer be with o2 and you will be billed accordingly i.e. Any unbilled calls. Depending on when you use the PAC you may be owed a refund if you have just had the regular monthly payment taken from your bank account.
As ever, the forum advice is once you have used the PAC, leave the direct debit as-is until you receive a zero bill.
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I thought a pac code was only valid for 30 days? so you would need to ring o2 30 days before contract end
If you use the pac code now you will have to pay contract in full to the end date in one final bill.
Again wait for a zero bill before cancelling your direct debit
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And just in case you are in any doubt, PAC's do not cancel contracts by themselves. You have to use it by giving it to another provider within the 30 days it is valid for. If you don't want to move your number elsewhere but just want to cancel, don't ask for a PAC, just ask to cancel. You will have to pay the remainder of the contract until it's end date. If you do nothing wit your PAC, nothing will happen and your O2 contract will continue.
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