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£30.64 taken out of my bank account

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I tried to topup my mobile broadband twice wednesday night (17th July) and it gave an error message twice and I did not receive any data so I left it till thursday morning (18th July) as I only had 50mb left. I had a successful topup thursday morning for 4GB which was double data as expected.

Come Friday I was shocked to see that I have been charged 3 times, once for the successful topup and twice for the failures where I received nothing.

I phoned O2 and the guy said the 2 amounts were in 'holding' by my bank and I would be refunded the amounts but after I phoned my bank they said they were not in 'holding' and they had both been credited to O2 and had cleared.

Now I dont like to moan but I have already spent £10 on phonecalls (as I have no landline) between my bank and O2 and as I am not working at the moment £30 out of my account with no warning has left me somewhat in the brown stuff...

The guy in chat said I should 'fax' my bank statement but I do not have a fax machine and I only bank online...I obtained from the bank the 2 authorization codes and times for the transactions as proof that they were actually taken.

I want to know if O2 are aware of this problem with topping up mobile broadband and if people are actually getting refunded as another long phone call will just add more money to my phonebill...the guy in chat was convinced that only one payment had come out but I can assure you it was 2...

Anyone any clue as to what happens next or what I should do?







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Well you've been through the grinder with this !


A credit can in my experience take up to 14 days to be returned to a bank account.


Live Chat IMO is ok for low level non account general enquiries.


Pay & Go Mobile Broadband Customer Service Dial Charges

If you don't have an O2 mobile0844 809 02225p / min
Opening hoursMonday - Friday08:00 - 21:00
 Saturday08:00 - 20:00
 Sunday08:00 - 18:00

 5p per minute from a BT landline, other providers' charges may vary. 


or ring them on 202 which is free for Contract Customers or Payg 4445 which is £0.25 per call.


or use this link for e mail contact

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thnaks for the info...

I faxed a bank statement with the charges showing on it to some guy from O2 I spoke to but I got no reply ( why am I not surprised)...I have already spent about £15 on phonecalls trying to sort this out on my mobile as  I have no landline...then some woman from O2 told me they never received the money ( even though the bank is telling me the money has definently come out of my account to O2).

So I phoned the bank and they said wait 15 days and they will dispute it or something...


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It's so frustrating when one is caught in the middle of other companies Departments and processes.

I hope all is resolved for you ASAP.
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