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100mb data allowance gone in 2 days?????

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Have just got Lumia 710 with just the basic data bolt on as really use phone mainly for text but might just look on e bay occasionally,was shocked to get text through today saying my monthly allowance is almost used up and truly enough when just checked online it says i have used 99% yet i not knowingly have done anything on the phone besides few texts and calls,am now worried that as still got weeks left this month that if it keeps using data up i will be getting large bill at end of month, could there be something running on the phone that i dont realise is that is eating up my data thanks
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no large bill as data will slow once 100% used no extra charges.
but the phone may be checking for updates on its own that is the nature of all smartphones.
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Smartphones are the fastest and easiest way to use the internet on your phone. They have a built in processor which allows them to process web pages faster. They look the same as they would on a computer, rather than basic 'mobile phone friendly' pages.
After the launch of the new data bolt ons, i.e. The Basics, The All Rounder and The Works Bolt Ons, if you go over the allowance your browsing speeds would be reduced and there won't be any charges for going over data allowance.
O2 also give a one-off data bolt on which you can get by contacting O2.
The one off data bolt on will be active till 1 day prior to your next bill date.
You can go for £6.00 per 500 mb The All Rounder Bolt On.
You'll be getting Unlimited UK Wi-Fi, 20 UK MMS & Tethering included.
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Ive just got off the phone with an adviser on contact number 44445 to enquire about this.
I have the unlimited package which includes 1gb data.
i received a text from 02 saying I've 25mb left and be charged a max of £1 per day when I've reached 100 %
He confirmed when I've exhausted my 1gb then my speed will slow and then get charged £1 per day which would give me 50mb for that £!. He then tried to sell me one of the 3 bolt ons which include varying levels of data use.
I checked in the payg support pages on 02 site and it says this ;
You will also be notified via text message in real time. We’ll send a text message when youve used 80% of your bundle advising you to track your usage via My O2 and reminding you to use Wi-Fi. We’ll send a further text when you’ve used 100% of your bundle asking that you buy more data via My O2 or use Wi-Fi until your next bill date.If you don’t purchase additional data and continue to use the O2 network, your service will be slowed down.

Im really really confused.
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