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£1 per day for 100MB

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*this has now been resolved by O2 and I am very happy with O2's dealing of my complaint. Whilst I was mislead, O2 are still far more honest than vodafone or virgin media*
Now i'm quite old and a bit confused by data charges.
O2 told me that until my contract was changed to include a data bolt on I would not be charged more than "£1 per day for data for use in the UK (100MB limit)"
Just got my bill and was charged £105 for data,that was for 72MB total for the whole month. In one day I used 17MB but was charged £44 for that day alone. O2 have checked my bill and offered to reduce it by £1.26 but confirm it is correct.
I have been told that downloading is not included in the 100MB limit, only surfing the web is included. Surely provided it is less than 100MB it doesnt matter? Is there any difference between the two? Can any one shed some light on this?
I have also been told the other reason my bill is soo high is that I used my phone for data whilst on holiday in Scotland and data charges are higher in Scotland. As the web site says "£1 per day for data for use in the UK (100MB)" and Scotland is in the UK, are O2 taking advantage of my old age?
Thanks in advance and I hope someone can help me with this.
p.s. I am on a simplicity pay monthly package
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What tariff are you on?

What do you mean by 'downloading'? If you look at the terms and conditions you'll see what isn't allowed eg. streaming, tethering etc. Is that what you were doing?
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You're on a tariff which gives you 100KB not 100MB.
Firstly, are you sure they told you that you got 100MB and not 100KB? I'm sure if they said 100MB, you may have a case. Also, I imagine if they told you that you would be charged no more than £1 per day, then I imagine you could argue this too.
The older tariffs don't have the '£1 web daily' on the account and you are actually charged at £3 per MB.
Ring them back, get them to listen to the call (it's not always recorded but insist you want it listened to). Also, if you want to use the internet, I'd recommend moving to a new tariff, so it will only cost you the most of £1 per day, or moving to a new tariff and then pay £5 which will give you 500MB for the month.
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I am on a simplicity £15 pay monthly package without a data allowance and have been on this for a couple of years. It could be that I have 100KB not 100MB but I was told that it would not cost more than £1 per day, limits were not discussed. The 100MB I have quoted was from the 02 website, as rather than confirm our conversation back to O2 in writing I checked the web site and it seemed very clear. Not writing to confirm it seems like foolish mistake now.

When I questioned the bill I was told it was due to me downloading not surfing. I have not streamed anything. I used 72MB in a month, checking the weather, tide times and my stocks only.

O2 said if I had been surfing the web it would have been £1, but because I was downloading it is £44. This is the bit that really confuses me. And again I cant understand why Scotland is more expensive when in the UK.

If I was charged £3 per MB surely my bill would be much higher 3x72MB= £216.

Thanks for your replies.
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Scotland is not more expensive. O2 in England, Scotland, Wales and NI costs are the same.
What you did was perfectly OK in terms of data use
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There is definitely a terminology issue here. Downloading doesn't mean what you think it means. Can you be explicit about how you are checking tide times, your stocks etc? Is it an application or widget on your phone?

What is the name of your tariff?

Without precise info, then any answer is guesswork based on assumptions.
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I have an HTC Desire,
Checking weather is via metcheck, tide times were again via a web site. The stocks are via a application which does update onto my phone. The majority of my use would have been using the LSE forum for discussion on stocks.

There are two sets of contracts on the O2 website, the most onerous states:-
"o in, or connected to, any other device including modems;
o to allow the continuous streaming of any audio / video content, P2P or file sharing; or
o in such a way that adversely impacts the service to other O2 customers.
If O2 reasonably suspects you are not acting in accordance with this policy O2 reserves the right to impose further charges, impose network protection controls which may reduce your speed of transmission or disconnect your SIM or tariff at any time, having attempted to contact you first."

Regardless I was told it would never cost me more than £1 per day. Updating stock data is not streaming of audio or video, P2P or filesharing. It does say that they can impose additional charges "having attempted to contact you first"
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When did you start your contract and what exactly is your tariff called.

It is very important that we know when your contract started to help you resolve this with o2 we are all customers here trying to help you.
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I have an "online simplicity 15" package that i took out on the 28th Feb 2008.

Now I have looked at "my O2" there is a box called "my inclusive allowance". This shows my minutes, messages and data as tabs.

Under data is says no inclusive data and "This will charge you for data at £3 per MB up to a maximum of £1 per day. Further information on Data charges and Bolt Ons is available in your Pay monthly tariff terms and Pay monthly Bolt Ons terms at or see your tariff key features or Bolt Ons."

Again the maximum of £1 per day in line with terms and conditions. So this leaves only one question, is updating stock prices streaming audio or video, P2P or file sharing.

The comment fom O2 about my bill being high due to use in Scotland was obviously untrue, it appears to me that their comments that I was "downloading" was equally untrue as it is not within their terms and conditions.
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Look, there are many sets of terms and conditions on the O2 website, for all the tariffs they currently offer and have ever done. You need to stick to your own tariff. This is why we needed to know which tariff and how exactly you were using data.

You should have Web Daily on your account. You shouldn't be charged more than £1 a day.

So to sort it out I would use the O2 Complaint Review Service. Give them details of what you've used the phone for, explain that is covered under your tariff and request that the excess charges (over the £1) are credited to your account.
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