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02 Treats - waste of time (call length)

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I got a txt today saying my 02 Treat was about to run out and to phone 2211 to sort out another treat.

So I phoned 2211 and listened to the 3 'exciting' options and picked 1. Nothing special, nothing great.
Then it says "did you like the sound of the other treats? Well good news, you get to pick another!"
So I listened to the stupid, long, rambling descriptions again and picked another treat.....
And again - "did you like the sound of the other treats? Well good news, you get to pick another!" and again listened to the rambling descriptions and picked the third and final treat.
Even after picking all 3 of the available treats, I got told I could pick another .... from where!?! I already had the 3 available so what gives?

As I'm sure you know, the treats come in the form of a website or something similar that you enter a code into if you want to take up the offer.

Now I'll get to the point of this posting -
Why not just say, when I call 2211, here's 3 treats (insert brief explanation of treats here) so if you like the sound of them press 1 and we'll send you details on how to claim them or if you don't like the sound of them, just end this call.

It just annoyed me, a long call when it just wasn't needed.

And i'm done..... grin
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Last time I called about the treats, the three options were some sort of money off vouchers for different places. Nothing to do with minutes, texts or anything to do with my phone at all.
Total waste of time IMO.
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Last one was 2 for the price of 1 at restaurants for 2 months. That is if I decided to join a club and cancel my direct debit at the end of the trial period. If not I would be quite a few quid out of pocket :mansurprised:
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I saved £30 with my treat today! Just by chance called 2211 yesterday and they were offering 2 for 1 at an attraction I was planning to visit today anyway with my kids.

Well worth it from my point of view!
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I've got no problem with the types of treats being offered, with the tariff I'm on I always have minutes / texts left over at the end of the month so they were of no real use to me anyway but that's not why I made this post as there are plenty of other threads about that subject.

I like the current type of treats but the 'problem' I have with them is the format of the call to get the treats, it just seems a bit pointless to ask you to listen and select one out of three treats - just to end up letting you select all three treats anyway!

As for the people moaning that they have to spend money to make use of these treats - well no you don't. No-one is forcing you to use these treats, they are an additional 'perk' of your contract. I don't know about other networks and if they offer you freebies but O2 don't HAVE to offer you anything extra other than what you pay for so just be happy eh.

As for this current round of treats -
2 months free trial of that Gourmet Society
2-4-1 on leisure day's out
2 month's / 10 free rentals trial of BlockBuster online

I am thinking of taking up at least the first two and the BlockBuster one as well but I doubt they will let me sign-up again for another free trial.

Me and my fiance try to go out for a meal at least every three / four weeks or so, just to get out of the house and away from the kids so the Gourment Society thing is a bonus as it means something I would be doing anyway will cost me abit less, how can that be a bad thing?

Same for the leisure days, with it being the school holiday's it would be nice to take the kids somewhere for a day out and with this treat, it will cost me less than expected so again, how can that be a bad thing?

It just seems like a case of 'I want something for nothing' which unfortunately, just doesn't happen.
I know some might say "yes it does, we used to get free minutes / texts" but you didn't really did you. Through inflated charges etc O2 (and every other network) still makes a profit while offering these 'free' gifts - take for example the cost of calling / texting while abroad thats been highlighted and reduced recently. They are still making a profit on that even after the reduction so ponder on that.

No such thing as a free meal ....
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