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From Sony Xperia to Nokia Android

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Hi - can anyone help please.  I currently have a Sony Xperia android phone which is on its way out so i wanted to change.  I have purchased a Nokia 1 on Android which i haven't set up yet.  I want to keep my same number and if possible all my data (if this isn't possible thats ok, i don't have too much stored).  I like to keep things simple slight_smile  I only use the phone for texts and Watsapp and the odd internet useage.  I don't know how to swap things over, if anyone can help, much appreciated smiling

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Hi @Bracken44 

All your data and apps are backed up to Google so everything will be synced when you sign in with your Google account.

If your SIM is the same size, just put it in your new phone, but if you need a different size, just pop into your local O2 store and they will swap it for free. 

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