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o2 mobile contract owner with 20gig data... would like to use hotspot for devices but signal weak

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Hi guys im a tattooist who has recently began renting a large room at the back of a barbers, i get ok-ish internet signal but i rely heavily on my laptop, ipad, and amazon music.

The fact im not the shop owner and not too sure how indefinitely i'll be staying makes me wary of committing to a 1 or 2 year contract with installation and then to be stuck with a bill.


So while my general use on the mobile itself is great, once im in the back of the shop- with my laptop connected to my phones hotspot, even takes a while to load.


Ive had to hide my phone in the barber shops, top window ledge to get the signal sound enough to play amazon music.  I think the shops Shutters are the main culprit for the inteference because even the dab radio has very poor signal and sound quality, so im thinking my best option would be to hopefully be able to have a wifi booster plugged in by the shop front window that repeats the signal to me at the back.

Ive just had a read into boosters, which the ones i can find are £300+   

Are there any other decent alternatives i could try before investing in one of these?
im not sure if a signal repeater works only with an installed connection or if it does work with it - would it only bounce the signal from my phone to the laptop not from o2's satelite signal to the phone  and then my hotspot connected phone?


i hope some of this makes sense

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Have a look at this and then get a data sim on a 30day rolling contract / payg data sim (get the best one for your signal)


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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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hi madasaf1sh  thanks for your recommendation ive bought the router and a data sim and its much better than messing to connect to my phones hotspot. However the signal reception to the router isnt great, i think the shop shutters interfere alot even when theyre up.


I have spotted some outdoor aerials with long cables that i could mount outside and above the shutters and drill a hole to pass them through and connect to the router.

The issue i might have with that is that there isnt an antennae on the inside now (only two aerial connections on the box so have to discconnect the antennae) so my devices wont be be able to get data from the arials outside. Or does the actual router box give off a signal?

If it doesnt the only thing i can think of to remedy this would be to purchase a signal repeater and connect it to the router via network cable.... would this even work?




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