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Why are o2 IT systems so poor?

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Over the years as an O2 customer, I have experienced many duff systems at O2, as have the poor operatives at the call centre (usually it is the helpful northern people there who save the day).


Today I needed to get a list of invoices from last financial year, so went to log in to '' as I always do. Not a great system, but at least fairly uncomplicated.


Nope. Apparently that has gone and now have to go to 'My o2 Business"

However: "To register, please call your account manager..."

How lovely. Except for one thing - there is no autmatic transfer or link to sign up.  Yes, in 2012 you now have to stop everything and make a phone call, just to transfer to a replacement service.


I have now been in a phone queue for 10 minutes waiting to be able to join this new service, just so I can get to the info I used to be able to get to. Oh, and the joke is... you are told "to prove who you are, you must first tell us the amount and date of your last bill" - which is a little difficult when all that info  is on the website I know can't get to. "


Hilarious, it gets even better!  After 20 minute wait, get through to a very nice o2 operative from Oop North who is very helfpul and tries to sort things.

Has to go away for 5 minutes to get me user name and password (can you BELIEVE that this is happening in 2012?)

I get the succession of emails with Username and password. Well, that is to say I get two emails with two different passwords. Latter one works.

I see that my name has been misspelled i.e. must have had to be manually entered by hand - ho ho, I think to myself - no doubt this will cause another 1 hour of mayhem in trying to get that changed...

Anyways, lets login.


Sorry, determined to record the absurdity of O2's IT systems for posterity.


My only reason for visiting the darn site was to get a list of my bill totals for the year, needed for accounting.


As I ran my finger down the list of bills, I wondered why they did not match some of the paper bill totals.


Ah yes, they don't show VAT.


Why don't I just add VAT myself with a calculator? Well, for one thing VAT changed at some point. And for another... some calls are VATable on bills, others (overseas) not.

So - to actually use the s*dding site to get a reconciliation is nigh on impossible now.


Checking the Help:

"Why can't I see VAT on my invoice? - This is a partial invoice, to see VAT please refer to the level that you are billed at. This is indicated on the invoices screen by the partial column being ticked/not ticked (VAT is calculated and applied by the billing system on the sum of all VATable charges shown on the invoice. It is not calculated or displayed on partial invoices - or on individual line items). To gain visibility of your VAT ...

... please speak to your account administrator."


Great, ANOTHER call to some unfortunate operative having to deal with lousy IT systems design.


If ANYONE knows who is in charge of IT at O2, please share contact details - I am itching to ruin his/her day by pointing out how useless they are via a fax or email.

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Hi there,


We're sorry to hear about your experience 😞 Have you managed to obtain the information you're looking for?





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