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Huawei Tablet Redemption Delivery

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Hey there, just a question about who to contact.


I think DHL Parcel / UKMail tried to deliver my Huawei tablet this week but unfortunately I was out at work. DHL Parcel also don't do Saturday deliveries, their local depot is an hours drive away and their customer service wouldn't allow me to deliver to a new address. They said that a company called EXERTIS sent the parcel which I am guessing is a 3rd party O2 are using for this redemption?


What is the best number/email to contact O2 as I can't imagine DHL will ever be deliver this parcel to me and told me I needed to contact EXERTIS to get them to redeliver.





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@echospirit all o2 contct details here but if courier tried to deliver you should have a card with details to arrange a redelivery?

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Not applicable

@echospirit You can contact o2 using the numbers in this link

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Just an update on this:


Chatted to O2 and unfortunately they do not track their free gifts through the system.


They gave me a number for DHL Express instead of DHL Parcel.


DHL Parcel has no manned customer service.


DHL Parcel once unsuccessfully delivers a parcel after 5 days will not allow you to redeliver the parcel to your address (the option literally does not come up on the service)

Complaining through TrustPilot, Facebook, Twitter and email have all come back with the answer that DHL Parcel cannot change the address nor authorise a Saturday delivery without consent of the company who delivered it (the third party EXERTIS).


O2 Chat today has come up with 'I can understand your concern Kenson, however as it is a free gift we do not have the access to check the details or change the delivery address for free gift unfortunately'

Today, I have given up on this and decided it's not worth the hassle. Thanks O2 for trying to do something good; you just used the wrong parcel service slight_smile

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