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How to find mast problem status, please?

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Echoing the feelings in another thread, but...


How do I go about finding out how soon the duff mast in my areas is likely to be out of service, please?


The status page tells me that a mast near me is currently not working. OK, I accept that, but it's not really helpful; as I get a clear signal elsewhere but not here, I could have told YOU that. But more frustrating, it's not been working for two to three weeks now, and at the very least it would help to have some feel for how long that's likely to remain the case (even if, heaven help us, the answer were to be "several weeks"). Surely, SOMEONE must have an idea - would it be such a big deal to actually make the info available?


(I'd also have to say that the pitiful lack of information on this front is at direct odds with the very good and helpful customer service I've always received on my broadband service. It's a shame, and something that O2 should be concerned about, that it can manage to tarnish one excellent impression by its dire performance on another front.)

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The issue surronding mast repair times has been discussed many times.


Sometimes o2 have many hurdles to go through to get to the mast and parts and other issues.


O2 is as far as I know the only network to have the live status checker.


O2 has never confirmed exact fix dates as if things go wrong and it is delayed that causes more frustration.


One mast made watchdog after lots of complaints and the issue was it was on mod land and o2 had to get permission to go on the land to fix it. back then there was not even the page

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Only the network team would have an idea oftimescales but unfortunately they aren't contactable. If customer service can't help you perhaps a formal complaint could get you answers.,Kb=Companion,question=ref%28User%29:str%28Mob...


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Sorry, but on this experience anyway the "live status checker" is rank PR. I'm perfectly able to deduce that a local mast has a problem, because (a) I have a perfectly good signal when out and about, and (b) my signal at home has dropped from strong to almost nothing (and that only when I'm upstairs). All that the status checker does is confirm that O2 knows the problem exists (and as we're not in the age of little men running around lighting gas lamps every evening, I have to assume that the instrumentation of the mast and plus the degree to which it is or is not making connections guarantees that anyway).


As for the fact that the issue has been raised many times before, yet clearly remains unaddressed - that's hardly something to be proud of, is it?

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