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For your security, we can't issue more codes to you today. Please call an agent.

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Since yesterday morning I have been receiving the error message 

  • For your security, we can't issue more codes to you today. Please call an agent.

This is in the last part of the checkout process. I have been trying to buy an Iphone 6 Plus. after receiving the error message the first time I went into o2 chat and spet an hour with an operator who took all my details and then sent me a special link which she said would take me to the final stage of the checkout process, reserving me my Iphone 6 Plus.


But when I click on the link I still get this error.

When I start the upgrade process from scratch I STILL get this error. It has been happening well over 24 hours now.


Help! I want a new phone! 🙂

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Speak to customer service or go instore. I wouldn't order a phone through live chat especially when, as may be the case, the phone is likely to be out of stock. There are many threads on here about O2 taking your moneey and goods being out of stock.

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It is also quite well known to the forum regulars that the O2 shop has been off air or glitching.for the past 36 hrs or so. Personally I wouldn't trust the online system when it is having an off day.:smileysad: As jonsie said, it is far better to either go instore or speak to customer service


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I don't need them to text a code if it isnt an upgrade though, right?


Which means I am tempted to get the Iphone as a new item on my account, and then just not renew my contract on my other phone when it runs out in 4 weeks.

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