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Excessive Increase in Mobile Data

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo


Last two months I have had a huge increase in data usage. From average of 130mb per month out of my 500mb allowance, it soared to.... for June, it was was 564mb and July it was nearly 600mb.  First 2 days of this month it was 202mb total. Nothing had changed, I am practically housebound so phone is connected to WiFi 24/7. I wasn't using any social media more than usual nor other apps. O2 gave me a bolt-on of 500 mb until this was sorted, which they haven't been able to,so far.  All they keep doing is to tell me to switch off Mobile Data. I never did before nor have done on the last 3 Samsung phones I have had from O2.... that's not solving the problem nor telling me why the usage has gone so high.


I went back to when this excessive usage first began around 15th/16th June (O2 told me that was when the usage went up, but couldn't tell me why.) so I worked it out to being either when 4g first started in this area and I'd also downloaded the app Android Pay about this time too.


I have turned off 4g and also Android Pay and my usage has dropped way back down to what it was. A very rude & obnoxious O2 advisor tried to tell me that 4g did use a bit more data usage, maybe it does but not to the tune of 400%-500%. 


If it is either one of those apps causing the increase, I will be pretty annoyed if it is the 4g.  Not too bothered with Android Pay but not having a phone that can use 4g is poor. I should have kept my other phone instead of updating.

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4G Will likely be the bulk of the cause as the data speeds are faster so use up more data than you think you would. I am the same. I have seen an increase in my data since my area was upgraded to 4G & nearly all my 500mb goes every month now. I suggest turning off mobile data & just use your wifi
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Hi @Anonymous 4G is data only... If you are using WiFi practically all the time I can't understand why there should be this increase in data usage? How often do you actually use mobile data when you are away from WiFi? Personally I have my mobile data turned off when in the house...and only use wifi

Have you checked you phone to see what apps are using excessive data?


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If you go into settings and then data usage, it will show you what apps are using your data. Then you need to look into that particular app settings. Much of your data will be used updating in the background. I've uninstalled the facebook app and just use the web version and my data usage has halved.

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Also in the updated myo2 app it will now give you the option of seeing how much data you have used each month & your monthly average. If you have the Facebook app then in the settings, turn off video playback. Turn mobile data off for app updates 

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What happens if I forget to turn my Mobile Data back off. Before I know it I will have used ½ my data allowance or more if I have 4g switched on. 


I can't believe that 4g will use 400%/500% more data per month.

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@Anonymous You will receive a text when you have reached 80% of your allowance then another text when your data runs out. If you follow all the advice we have given you then you shouldn't have this one problem again 

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I have checked all through what data I have used and Facebook is obviously the highest but no different to previous months. Besides it should be used via Wifi. I have looked all through My O2 also Data Usage in the phone settings and nothing is different from prev months.


Something is using up the data and if it is 4g I am never going to be able to use it as it will wipe out my monthly data usage in less than a week.


My app usage is low and on a par with what my husband uses on his phone (Samsung 4) but a different service provider.

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It will be 4G as I have stated but turn off mobile data while you are at home then switch on again while you are out again. Could also be a rogue app. Uninstall all the apps that are not essential to you & leave on the ones you use. This will rule this scenario out 

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Yes I have received a text saying I have used 80% and followed all instructions/advice you have all kindly given me, but if I have WIFI and Mobile Data switched on, I am still showing as using excessive data amount.


I want to know what is causing so much data to be used especially if it is 4g. If I can't use 4g I am being robbed.  I have gone through everything you have said and even spent over an hour on the phone with a nice O2 agent on Monday doing same things and nothing was solved. 

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