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We moved approximately a year ago, our new house has very poor reception (both inside and out) although the O2 coverage map would suggest otherwise. Not only that but what signal there is seems to fluctuate wildly between poor and non existent.

I have spoken with the tech team but they have not been able to make any real or lasting improvements, the basic problem is the position of the house (having asked our neighbours it would appear that the problem is common to all providers).


Imagine my delight when I heard O2 were going to release a device similar to one offered by Vodaphone (and now Three) which allows calls to piggy back over broadband......imagine my increasing frustration that the box (O2 have designated it Boostbox) is still not available to retail customers (business customers can have one for £150 which is THREE times more than Vodaphone are charging, if indeed they charge at all in some cases).


We have two phones on contract with O2 plus an iPad on a monthly data tariff and an Android tablet on a PAYG tariff, total monthly spend of around £100.


If O2 wish to retain my business they need to make the Boostbox available to retail customers ASAP and at a sensible price because as things currently stand we will be changing providers at the end of our contracts.


Would anybody from o2 care to comment ?

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*edit* sorry didn't realise the legality issues.


To anyone that saw the link I posted please do not use it. I may a terrible mistake.

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Instead of ripping customers off with a "boost box" surely O2 can just simply enable UMA on their handsets like EE (orange & t-mobile), the software is on most smartphones, O2 really doesn't need to go down the route of vodaripoff.

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O2 are going to release a solution soon to consumer customers.  Its not a box (so no cost); rather a piece of software called TuGo.  It's apparently coming out next month.  It works like Skype so runs through your broadband.  Can work on a phone (android and iphone apps), ipad or a laptop and ties in with your mobile number for billing.  People contacting you don't need to do anything different.


I trialled it, its a really good (and free) solution.

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I have three phones on O2 and abysmal signal strength at home. This seems to have become worse over the last years or so, and relocating my office from upstairs to a garage conversion hasn't helped - I have no signal now at all in my office or most of downstairs.


With three contracts I'd expect that O2 would want to keep my business, but with no signal I may have no choice but to move when they are up for renewal.


Unless a BoostBox was available to retail consumers.


"TuGo" is of no interest to me, if I wanted to use a PC or tablet I'd Skype. I don't. I have phones and I want them to work.

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I too would like a Boostbox, my signal is very poor at home.  But I think TuGo will work as a better solution for me on my phone.  I cannot wait till it comes out!

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Yes let's hope it doesn't take as long as O2 Connect which has apparently been in testing for around 2 years and still not released. Tu Go could solve a lot of people's problems.


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