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Texting USA from UK

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I have a friend in the States who i've been trying to text but with no luck so far. He is on the at&t network. I understand that for him to text me he has to dial the 44 instead of the 0 at the beginning of my mobile number, and then the rest of the number as usual. Is this all that is needed, as i have heard something about an area code to be included when entering the mobile number...

If anyone has any ideas about this, or indeed how i should enter an american number into my phone when texting, (all the codes, etc) it would be much appreciated! thanks slight_smile

sorry if this post is really vague, but as you can probably see, i really dont have a clue what i'm doing!
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Try in the form +1xxxxxx where xxx is his number

e.g. +16165551234
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Another easy way, Is ask your friend to text you and then just save the number that comes on the sms.

You can then text him with out any problems.

Dont forget that you will be charged for the text to send to him on at&t.

The cost does vary if your on payg and contract
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