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Cortana & Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

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Hi Everyone,


I've heard that WP 8.1 Update 1 is rolling out to the Lumia 930 devices at the moment, anyone know when other handsets will get the update? Is O2 involved in this update like they were with 8.1 itself?


I have the 1520 and can't wait to upgrade!



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This is just not Good enough, I have been a customer of O2 for many years but I will not continue to give them my business if they cannot provide timely updates to Windows Phones. 3 Weeks for an update that EE managed to get out in 2 days this is awfull service at its very finest. Talk about falling behind your competition you might as well be asleep.

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Sorry but that's just an ill-thought out comment. We know there is an issue now so we are now presumably waiting for Nokia. These things happen. Who knows if it isn't going to be EE with an issue next time? Don't forget that the manufacturers have to deal with operators all over the world, so it's a big task.


Furthermore, O2 have no obligation to update at all. Owners of the Lumia Icon, the equivalent to the 930 in the US have had no update since 8.0 from Verizon in the US so we're luckier than most.


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Lol no one has raised the issue Nokia are dealing with it. Little clue windows phone 8.1 Microsoft make the firmware OS whatever you want to call it and Nokia made the 930 handset so in my eyes shouldn't Microsoft be dealing with this issue. Probs why its been delayed as Nokia don't exist as Microsoft brought them and slowly phasing Nokia name out.
By the way unlocked my o2 branded 930 I have cortana and all the other good features in the new update. Oh looks like I still have warranty too. Because Microsoft released the update for unlocked handsets regardless it being o2 branded or not.
I have to say its nice to have feedback from someone in o2 even tho there information seem wrong in my eyes.
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Sorry but again that's just a silly comment, although starting a post with "lol" was enough to tell me I wasn't about to engage in intelligent debate. Nokia, Microsoft or whatever you want to call them - I'm not sure why there is even a debate here, Microsoft bought the phone division of Nokia, it's not difficult to understand - but the company, which is still called Nokia, are looking into the issue accrding to Chris_K from O2 as he has outlined above.


There is no reason not to believe that, it is not as if O2 would delberately withold the update - why would they? - so we simply be grateful for the information and wait. If you have unlocked your Nokia and it works fine, and you believe you still have a warranty then that's great, good for you. We could all do that if we wanted to but some of us prefer to wait and be sure. I think your theory that "Microsoft released the update for unlocked handsets regardless it being o2 branded or not" is a little fanciful though, good luck with that one.


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"Furthermore, O2 have no obligation to update at all. Owners of the Lumia Icon, the equivalent to the 930 in the US have had no update since 8.0 from Verizon in the US so we're luckier than most."

Whist o2 may not have an obligation to release updates, I'd be nifty annoyed if they ceased to do so (likening them to Verizon is perhaps the most damning comparison). I pay £20 a month for my o2 SIM and could get the same number of texts, data etc using a virtual network such as Tesco for much fewer coins. I pay a relative premium because I expect better customer service and features, including timely updates.
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I didn't "liken" O2 to anybody, I simply quoted an example. I would be annoyed too if O2 ceased to do so, but that's not the issue here. There has been an issue that needs to be resolved and as I understand it O2/Nokia are in the process of doing so.


These things happen and I think people generally should be a little more understanding of that than continually bleating about it. Some of the posts are ridiculous, it's not as if anybody did it on purpose. I for one would prefer to wait until it's right rather than rushed through and if it takes a couple of weeks longer, so be it. It's not life and death. 

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Blimey, that told us.
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Cool city, My point is just that O2 Have not lived up to my expectations of a service provider. O2 are the ones that choose to customise the firmware provided to them by microsoft. If they choose to do this they should ensure that all update still get to the end user in a timely fashion. All other network providers in the UK manage too achieve this.
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Yes but it's not just a case of pushing a button. If something is incompatible with O2's software or something that's the way it is, it can't be helped. O2 don't know that until they receive the update and test it. There will be others around the world with similar issues. EE for example may have similar issues with a completely different phone on a completely different platform. These things can happen and people need to understand this. You're not expected to be happy about it but you should at least be able to understand it.

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Our apologies if the issue and delay due to it has caused any upset or frustrations. We know the GDR1 update brings many useful and exciting features that you're all looking forward to - none other than Cortana herself.

We're fully expecting the GDR1 update for the Lumia 930 to go live this week - as early as this evening, no less. Please keep your eyes out for any notifications and if you're running an O2 branded 930 purchased from O2 direct, feel free to manually check for updates too.

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