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What's your favourite Christmas memory?

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Hi guys,


Christmas can be a nostalgic time for many, with decorations everywhere you go, delicious smells, Christmas songs etc. bringing to mind a lot of memories from past festive seasons.


What is your favourite Christmas memory? slight_smile Is there something specific in your childhood, or in the past few years, that has been the best, funniest or most heart-warming thing for you about Christmas time? hugging


In my childhood, I got to pick the tree for the first time, by myself, one year. I was so excited! I picked the most ugliest, wonky tree because I felt bad that everyone was ignoring it, and my parents were doing their best to try and appear happy with my choice. laughing It ended up looking nice in the end with all the decorations.


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Two things stand out for me @Marjo


My mum and Dad weren't well off. Dad worked at Massey Ferguson and had injured an elbow one year so had a lot of time off sick. Mum worked part time at the G.E.C.


I had asked for a bike OR a record player. I didn't think I would get either if honest.

Christmas morning I got up and found I had the record player. I was over the moon about that. Then Mum and Dad told me to go and look in the back yard. They had also bought me a bike heart


Not sure how they managed that, needless to say I was delighted and very lucky.


The second time was when Mum and Dad came to mine for the first time ever at Christmas. At the end of the meal, Dad said 'Well done sweetheart, that was as good as your Mums'


Mum was a brilliant cook, so that was the best accolade ever.

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That is so beautiful @Cleoriff 


My mother died when I was 23yrs.  She and my father tried to make every Christmas great, always had the full Turkey meal!  This was a tradition.  I am not a great fan of Christmas but every Christmas it was the happiness ~ dogs enjoying the Turkey bits with their meal and pulling open their fun gifts, everyone having a great meal, relaxing, meeting my friends for parties.  Always had a tree too, with the baubles on and that terrible tinsel.  Good fun though.  



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Christmas has never really featured in my life, so I can't say it holds any memories I want to hang onto, altho seeing the brat in her first nativity was quite special.
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I grew up celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah, as mum was Jewish and dad Christian. One of my best memories was both sides of the family round the dinner table celebrating the holidays. Not Christmas nor Hanukkah, just the holidays.


I'm going back many, many years when that kind of mix just didn't happen. It was lovely to see my whole family together round the table for the first time. And as I recall it was an excellent Christmas dinner cooked by my dad!

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The 1st Christmas my son & me celebrated together ... Alex was 7 & I tried hard to make it a traditional Christmastime for him

More recently when Alex was living in Leeds, before he met his wife Emma, he didn't want me to be on my own Christmas Day. He was having his Christmas dinner with his dad at about 3pm ... so my son travelled to me we had a Christmas brunch mum & son here ... this has always touched my heart & to me embodies the true Christmas spirit of family being together 

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