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The need for backup power?

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Again this morning I was glad I have a UPS connected to my adsl router, cordless phone and cctv (and PC when on) We live in a rural area with overhead cables.


I was able to contact the local power distribution company by telephone after using the WWW to get the number on my ipad and as it was an 0800 used landline to call.


Then I was still able to surf the web / watch tv on the ipad (tv catchup app) using wifi for the 2 hours the power was off and post answers on here.


Battery when power was restored had dropped to 70% as all connected devices were low power usage so about 6 hours run time estimated from my zigor danubio 1600 ups.


But the main thing is that as power failed at night and came back on early morning my adsl did not resync so maintained a high sync speed so no need to reboot router during daylight hours.


Downside to the ups is it has an alarm so that beep was audible and as PC was off I could not mute the alarm.


Just thought this may help others see the benifit of a largeish capacity ups ffor home / small office use.

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