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The Virtual Lounge

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well, fluffy onesie on + donkey brown boottee-tyle slippers

cuppa Twinnings tea = everyday variety, decaff + s/sk milk = no sugar +

Blue Ribband original choccy bic to hand

checking on my cat Marvellous Marty the Magnificent = beside me in his pet-bed under the wooden desk Cat

on which new basic desktop printer will be put = on or around next payday ..... I mean upon the wooden desk not upon the cat Smiley LOL 

kicked my old basic Epson printer in frustration many many months ago Destroy

therapeutic for me for about 3 nano-seconds but really, really bad for the printer Destroy

well, let's see if there are many takers for my initial entry into the off-top unofficial world of 'the lounge area'

WispaRed7 slight_smile

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Hi @Anonymous

I don't mind engaging with you slight_smile

My cat is asleep on the couch arm while I'm watching 'Vera' on ITV.

Cup of coffee and a Belvita biscuit.

Currently performing backups on my iPhone and iPad Air and syncing.

Also on my MacBook Air via Time Machine.

No work tomorrow.

Happy days.
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thank you for engaging with me BoB

You can multi-task then

I can't ..... ..... ..... its one thing at once with me ..... ..... ..... or I get totally mixed up & no job gets done properly LOL

What is a Belvita biscuit please?..... ..... ..... I'm a bit of a biscuit officianado ..... ..... .....but not heard of that one

I've had a steady day today & enjoyed the chill-out

I've amended personal details on my profile on O2CF

Its about time I shouted my cat in for his supper

& get myself a bite to eat too

take care to look after yourself & your loved ones



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Hi BoB slight_smile

thanks for the link regarding Belvita biscuit

its on my list for next online supermarket shop + Greek yoghurt + peach/es

hope you've enjoyed your day off today

WispaRed7 Cat


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You're welcome @Anonymous

I Prefer the ones with the yoghurt in between then. Nom nom !

My day consisted of a nice latte in a Costa Coffee Shop in my City Centre , followed by clothes and food shopping thoroughly enjoying my day off.

Hope yours was just as chilled. slight_smile
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yesterday was an interesting day ..... ..... ..... but with time to relax factored in 

found best place in town for an all day breakfast = cooked to order with no over spiced sausages+ plate hot + hand sliced toast + generous slice of room-temperature butter + pot of tea with spare pot of hot water ..... ..... ..... very pleasant environment & staff + ground floor, impeccble toilet facilities ..... ..... ..... = £5:50 the lot!

WispaRed7 very happy = set me up for the rest of the day

In my town there is a Costa Coffee & Cafe Nero + lots of cafes = newest one in an inner courtyard shopping place glassed over, but open to the elements at either entrance

In good weather I like to sit outside with a latte + home-made scone & watch the world go by

take care BoB

Bouncy Cat Very Happy Dance

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I don't mind a bit of people watching while in chilling in a coffee shop.

Right now it's a percolated coffee in the yard at work. slight_smile
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It's a beautiful sunlit Spring morning here.  Just had a snack lunch and off now to take my wife shopping in Belfast.  Oh deep deep joy in the fundamold!  (and if you don't understand that try Googling it.  LOL




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@Anonymous wrote:
I don't mind a bit of people watching while in chilling in a coffee shop.

Right now it's a percolated coffee in the yard at work. slight_smile

I don't drink coffee at home, so really enjoy a latte when out in town

A percolated coffee outside at work sounds ok 

In my yard at home I enjoy a cuppa & light bite outside

at a table & chairs I have

messy eater me = so need somewhere to put plate & mug on

otherwise it goes all over me LOL

usually later on in the day

as there have been some nice evenings of late

WispaRed7 Dance

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