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New sports created by AI

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Hi guys,


I just read a recent article on TechCrunch about a research firm who gave an AI information on about 400 different sports. The AI then generated new sports concepts, and some of them seemed quite cool albeit not really feasible: "The AI was good at coming up with descriptions for sports like “underwater parkour,” an exploding Frisbee game and one where players pass a ball back-and-forth while in hot air balloons and on a tightrope."


One of these new sports seemed feasible though, and it's called Speedgate - teams of 6 people kick a ball through large gates on a field, avoiding the center gate, trying to score. When coming up with this, the AI was using the best aspects of rugby, football, frisbee and croquet as inspiration. You can read more about it in the article.


What are your thoughts around using AI to create new sports? Do you think new sports are needed? If you could come up with ANY kind of new sport, what would it be (no limits)? Smiley Very Happy

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Thanks @Marjo for bringing this to our attention ~ I had not considered new sports at all.

I think that it would be a good idea to create new sports of course, as you point out, the Artificial Intelligent System didn't consider whether the suggestions were humanly feasible or maybe very dangerous indeed!

The main sporting events  have become very money orientated and I feel that the people undertaking these sporty activities are mainly focused on the money aspect and they force their bodies into nearly unbearable pain, stressed joints and agony eventually having knees replaced and hips etc.  even taking body building drugs which eventually destroy the body to be able to win to get the money prize and devising new drugs to fool the system. This is not what Sports should be about.

Just looking back at Roger Bannister ~ the sports aspect was an interest alongside his serious studies.

It would be just nice to have some other sports that people just enjoyed for the activity and fun that it was and should be.

So yes please AI invent some sports that people can just enjoy and laugh.





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