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I'll be off from Wed 14 - Fri 23rd October

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Hi guys! Hope you're having a good week so far!


I just wanted to let you know that I'll be moving house soon and will be taking some time off for the actual move as well as some repairs/decoration at the new house. So excited! smile


From tomorrow, Wed 14 October until Friday 23rd October, I will not be around the community much as I will be packing final bits and pieces, moving furniture, ripping off carpet and putting in new flooring, painting walls etc... and getting the cats used to their new home hopefully without stressing them out.


If you need the community team for something, @Martin-O2 and @LukasB will be here. Smiley Happy 


Sorry for missing some quizzes again @Mi-Amigo !


Have you guys done any DIY decorating by any chance? I do remember reading about some projects some of you have mentioned working on in the past. Wish me luck, painting I think will be easy, but flooring could be a (fun?) challenge. I've checked out some YouTube tutorials and I think I have a pretty good idea of what to do. sweat_smile Let me know if you have any wisdom/tips to share. pray




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Good luck with the packing, painting, decorating, flooring etc @Marjo 

I hope you get the chance to have a rest and put your feet up -

and time to "entertain" and cater for your cats - during the "fun" time Cat.

We`ll miss you on the Community. I`ll try and behave while you`re away - no guarantee yahoo Wave


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I enjoy decorating @Marjo although I wouldn't be happy taking up carpets and laying new floor.

I had a few carpets here before eventually changing to laminate flooring and rugs.

One very expensive carpet we had down for years. Unfortunately they had put down the wrong underlay. When we attempted to take it up, the underlay had crumbled and was stuck to the original Marley tile flooring.


As the house is open plan, it went from porch, lounge, dining room and stairs.

We spent 5 days literally digging up the underlay. The carpet came off ok with no problems but the underlay was a damn nightmare.

Apparently (and according to the new carpet fitter) they should have put paper down, before the underlay as Marley tiles were renowned for heating in the warm weather and retracting in the cold. This caused the underlay to rot/crumble and stick!


However the best of luck to you. Moving house is stressful. I hope it goes well and Arthur and Drake stay safe and well. Cat

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Measure, measure, measure is the main thing when it comes to DIY.
Measure thrice, cut once is the old saying.
When you are cutting, cut too little off each time - you can always cut more off but it is difficult to stick it back on!
Try and start with a straight run where you can, but this is always tricky with doorways.
And remember the little spacers!

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Thanks guys! slight_smile


@Mi-Amigo I intend to relax and put my feet up when my bed and/or sofa arrives grin Hopefully won't take too long but due to the pandemic things are a little slower still so might need to wait some extra days. 


@Cleoriff  @Mi-Amigo  the cats will have a bit more space to run around now so I think they will be happier in the new house. For entertainment I'll have some plastic straws and paper balls prepared for Arthur and toy mice and a mouse laser pointer ready for Drake. Cat Very Happy Cat


@Cleoriff Ugh that underlay situation sounded gross! I've peeked under the carpets here (they're pretty loose) and it looks dry underneath with underlay in ok condition. One room doesn't seem to have underlay at all (!!) between the floor base and the carpet though unless I somehow missed it.


@gmarkj Great tips thanks!! It will be my first time operating a jigsaw so yes I'll triple measure everything and cut carefully. I'm going to order a laminate fitting kit which will include those little spacers and also a pulling bar and a thing that I can use to press the boards together.


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Enjoy wink
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Wishing you luck @Marjo and Arthur and Drake stay safe.
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Lol, you're gonna miss out.
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Thanks @Anonymous , @MI5 slight_smile 


@viridis I'm gutted that I'm going to miss out! Will catch up ASAP when back! slight_smile


Had to pop by quickly to finish a few things this morning but shortly logging off. Hope you all have a great week and a half ahead! sun sun sun

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Have a nice refreshing and relaxed break @Marjo Smiley Very Happy


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