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Black History Month 2021

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October is Black History Month in the UK! BHM is an annual observance, when we are encouraged to remember important people and events in the history of those with Black origin and/or African diaspora.




However, it can split opinion. I recently saw Paul Pogba, a Black footballer and role model to millions of young people, say "I think there should...


Some of the other footballers in the same article state its importance, though. Overall, the consensus is it's important to have this annual observance so we learn how to be more accepting, inclusive and aware of our history, in general, and specifically Black history. Even if we may wish it wasn't needed, and that we could just celebrate all types of histories, any day, week, month or year.


Whatever your opinion, I'm sure we can all agree that it's important to champion diversity and welcome one another, whatever the person's ethnicity, sexuality, nationality or anything else.


O2 & Virgin Media published a blog about the TV collection they'll be playing across the month to ce... There are documentaries, music, entertainment, and movies to choose from.


To finish, I would like to suggest an activity. If any community members would like to comment on this post about a Black historical figure, role model or event, past or present, that they've been inspired by, please do 😃. I will come back at a later date to share mine.


Thank you!

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Martin Luther King  is one of the people who has inspired me. He worked so hard as a social activist and sought equality and human rights for African Americans, the economically disadvantaged and all victims of injustice.

He managed to push through the Civil Rights act which banned discrimination in the workforce.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

However considering this was in the 60's, I think it's appalling in this day and age people are still having to fight for the right to be considered equal just because they are black.

Such racism and inequality is appalling.

Nowadays I find myself full of admiration for Lewis Hamilton F1 driver. Despite losing many fans due to his stance on racial equality....he carries on using his F1 platform to speak out.. The phrase 'We race as One' came from him and is used by every team.

He has set up the Hamilton Commission to look at the under representation of black drivers in Motorsport. It went further than that, and is also linked to the Royal Academy of engineering so they can understand why there are so few black people working at grass roots level in the factories and what is preventing the industry from being truly representative and diverse.

*The Game Is On*

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Hi @lewys-gp 

Interesting topic. Discrimination. 

To me it is not unusual.  I call them "clubs"

Discrimination comes in many guises. 

Churches or any form of worshipers and their "followers"

Countries and their peoples/closed borders, nationalism. Nations flag waving, not inclusive really.

Sporting teams remind me of  the Roman 


If there was nothing else to discriminate against   it would be blue eyes,  brown eyes, grey eyes or groups who only liked green eyes🤣

The list is a very long one and will never be short.

Animals group together.  Humans like groups too.  

Me? if you are a decent style of person (that is discriminatory though, to be completely inclusive I should accept anyone)

I don't mind if you are green and come from Mars I'll try to find something in common probably food!🤣

There's no answer.  Fortunately most humans are reasonable.   

Good one @lewys-gp 




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Hi @TallTrees @Cleoriff. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😁.


MLK was such an inspiration and I have watched many a film and read books on him specifically, and the Civil Rights Movement in general. It's crazy to think that was not so long ago! It's good to realise how much progress we've made, but also how much more we need to make in order for equality to be achieved.


I think Lewis Hamilton is an amazing role model too! There's always going to be pushback from certain people, but he's managed to achieve so much 😃.


@TallTrees I couldn't have put it better myself 😂. As long as you're a decent person, I don't mind! Plus, food can bring anyone together! Can't wait to be able to go abroad again and take in cultures and try local cuisines again. 

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PS @lewys-gp 

If I remember correctly WE ALL walked out of Africa!  as early humans.

So I am a world person 😁

Thanks for the topic 

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Barack Obama

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Thomas Sowell. Probably someone you've never heard of, at least in the UK, but he's been around for decades (he's now 90 but there's clips of him in the 70's!). Have a watch & listen of his interviews on Youtube via the Hoover Institution as they are fascinating and enlightening. 

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