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Apple account payment details loop

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Hi all


Sorry I've not been around much recently, work has been a bit nuts and I've tried to get off the PC out of hours.


Here's one I'm hoping the Apple experts can help with or at least confirm there is indeed a problem, I have contact Apple support who have not looked at what I've actually said and just copied and pasted a response.


I've been seeing this on both my Windows PC and a Mac mini I have for testing for work (which is running 10.15.5)


If I go into the account option on either iTunes (windows) or Music (Mac) I get prompted for my Apple account password, which I enter, I then click Payment details to change my card and it asks again, I repeat and it just takes me back to the account page.


I've cleared tamp files on Windows, removed and reinstalled iTunes from the MS Store, unplugged my router for a couple of minutes and even now gone so far as to factory reset the router but am still seeing the same issue.


Can anyone check and confirm if they are seeing the same which would indicate it's an Apple service issue?


Apple System Status shows all green at the time of writing



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Just tried through itunes on my PC & all seems ok!

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