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auto top up second phone

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I have 2 phones in 'myO2' my primary is on auto top up and my secondary is on manual web top up, I want to change the secondary to auto top up but I can't see how to do it.

There is no option as such for that phone when selected, and enquiring about the top up state of play even when that phone is selected to 'manage' gives me the auto top up details of the other phone, it seems I am stuck with manual web top up for anything other than my primary.

Any Ideas?

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@Aviator99  Have you spoken to O2?

Call 202 from your mobile or 0344 809 0202

If you have no access to a phone then use Skype to call 0800 032 1402

All other numbers and methods of contact are in this guide

Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

When you call, you will be asked for the reason you are calling,

Stay silent for 15 seconds and you will be taken to the keypad options.

Press 2 for Everything Else

Press 5 for More Options

Press 7 for Anything Else which will put you though to an advisor.

Press Upgrade, Lost/Stolen or Fraud if you have to.

8am is the best time to call

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Talking to O2, you cannot auto top up 2 phones on one account. You have to delete the 2nd phone from the first account and set up a second account for that phone which will then allow you to set up an auto top up for that phone, what we don't know for sure is if it will allow you to use the same bank card on the second account as used on the first account.

So why doesn't O2 explain that in the first place when it allows you to put multiple phones on one account?

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