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My O2 Pay & Go Guide

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The My O2 app is a source of everything O2 that your account is doing at the moment.  Even being pay as you go, there is a still a wealth of information available.  I’ve taken a look at the Windows Phone App on my Pay as You Go account.

When you sign up to the account, you’ll need to register your phone to the account (using your username, password and confirming a code).  You’ll then set up a PIN number to access the account quickly in the future. 

Some simple short how to’s:

How to… top up through the app

Pressing the “top up” button will activate a call to O2.

.. and that’s it.  Follow the instructions.


What do you have left on your account?

Click on Balance at the top – it’ll tell you how much you have left and of what.

What tariff are you on?

Click on Tarriff at the top


What shortcuts are there in the app?




See also the My O2 App Guide for Pay Monthly by gmarkj here.




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