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My O2 - Bolt-ons - Mini Guide

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@gmarkj has created a guide to the My O2 app, and I've been asked to cover the Bolt-ons section within the app.


If you are new to O2, then you need to know that a Bolt-on is an extra, either free or paid for, that is provided or available in addition to your core minutes, texts and data.  The app gives a quick summary of what you have and can get, and lets you add a bolt-on to your package.  If you are someone who likes to read all of the gory bits, on a bigger screen, then have a look at the detail of what is a Bolt On on the web site.   On the web site, you'll need to log in first as all of the information is in the My O2 section.


Contents - jump to section:

  1. Bolt-ons tab
  2. O2 Travel
  3. My Discount
  4. Choosing your Bolt-ons
  5. Extra data Bolt-ons
  6. Picture Message Bolt-on
  7. Bolt-ons for international extras



1. Bolt-ons tab


When you first open the Bolt-ons tab, you see a summary of what YOU have.  On my phone, it doesn't quite all fit on the screen, so for ease, I have extended the screenshot to show what you get including when you scroll down.  YOUR APP MAY LOOK DIFFERENT DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU HAVE FROM O2.


So lets look at each of those in a bit more detail.


When you touch the + sign, the app jumps to a more detailed explanation of what each of these actually gives you:







2. O2 Travel

If you want to learn more about O2 Travel then click on this link to find out more about using your phone abroad.



3. My Discount




4. Choosing your Bolt-ons

And when you  touch the button for "Add Bolt-ons", it will show the additional options available.



5. Extra data Bolt-ons

It starts with extra data


but that might not be enough...

So scroll on down.



But there are other things in life than just data (honest)


6. Picture Message Bolt-on

Keep scrolling down and you will reach a discounted bundle of Picture Messages



7. Bolt-ons for international extras

then International extras - firstly if you find the normal O2 Travel limit of £40 spend is too little, because you are a heavier user, this increases it to £120. But be aware of your spend and don't let the kids play online games on your phone!


and finally allowing you to select some international favourites from a sub menu




I could not have created this guide without the excellent photo viewer/editor Irfanview.  It is a small download, so straightforward, and yet can be powerful.  I've used it since its very early days - 1996!

It let me write on the screenshots, merge them so that they are side by side, and blank pages between to write more on...



Helpful links: