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International Calling From UK - Versus Roaming abroad

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Many Questions are asked on the forum regarding what’s the difference between International Calling from the UK and Roaming Abroad.





This I where you are in the UK are showing O2-Uk on your Mobile phone and calling a number that is an International Number like +353 for Ireland, +1 for USA, +39 for Italy and so on.


You will be changed the International calling charge from he UK to the country you are calling and charges will also depends on if you are calling Landline or Mobile.


People have a miss understanding that because we can now use our mobiles in EU for free (Well Take our home tariffs of Mins, SMS and Data with us) that because the UK is part of the EU I must now be able to call say France for free. NO is the answer


You can now use any of your own UK allowance to call over seas,  The EU law changed only to allow u to take our tariffs with us to use while in EU not Roaming on our home network. (This will be O2-UK)





This is where you are not on your home Network (O2 UK). So if you are in the EU and have a allowance of say sms, mins and data, then as long as you are in an EU country that allows you to use your Allowence, then you can back to the UK, to the country your in and to their EU countries.


If you are not in a EU country then you will be charged roaming rates to what ever country you call to.





So with O2 if you are in a EU country they You will receive the call for free just like the UK.


Contract Customer with O2 Travel, If you are in a Country that you can use O2 Travel then you will get 120 mins free each day to receive calls.  (This will also not set of the O2 travel charge as well)


Any other part of the world being on Contract or PAYG, (No O2 Travel) then you will be charged the inbound charge of the call.  This can be expensive depending on th country you are in.

I.e I’m in Andorra and some one calls me. (I will pay £1.25 per min to received the call on Contract and 99p per min on PAYG.


Always check the O2 first for any charges. again don’t assume it will be free to receive a call when over seas. 





UK to UK - will come out of you allowence or be charged as per your tariff if you have no allowance.


UK to World - This Is an International call and will be fully charged for. Check the O2 website for costs


Note, Jersey, Gurnsey, Isle of Man are not part of the UK, International calls will apply!

The UK is Great Britain, Wales, Scotland, Nortern Ireland Only!


EU to UK or EU- You can use your own allowance if you have one, or be charged the standard UK Rates as you Would be charged to SMS a UK number or Call a UK number like you be if you are in the UK.


EU to Rest of World (Then you will be charged the International rate fro that country your in to the country you Called to. Check with o2 first and tell them which country you will be calling from and which country to and why type of call it is.


For Pay Monthly customers, an international bolt is available for at £3 a month for discounted call rates. More info on here


For Pay As You Go, an international SIM is also available. More info here




The Moral of the story is that International Calls from the UK are Chargeable, Do not assume or believe that they are covered due to the recent law changed the EU brought in.


If you Call France (French Number that is) from the UK, Then expect a charge as they will not come out of your own home allowence.


If you are calling some one that is overseas that has a UK mobile, then this will come out of your allowence as you are calling a UK number.  You are not calling a French Number if they were in France, you still call them on there mobile as if they are in UK


But please If you are not sure, please please ask. Don’t assume or run up big bills.  There are plenty of good people on here that will help and advise.