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tiresome bill feedback

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This is a message for o2 really, just so i have a written record after 3 weeks of my effort trying to do the right thing and o2 kinda seeming nonchalant.

Short story, i cancelled my direct debit just in time (as agreedon live chat on friday) and yesterday checked to see what amount my account said, it hadnot by then registered my non-payment so i waited for today as i understood (from live chat on friday) that my bill would be reissued- correctly - in order for me to make the right payment.  Today i checked and no it still says the wrong amount of £94.79 plus a late payment charge of £3.50 (which i am assured from live chat on friday will be credited before my next bill).  So i have made a payment of £21 which i what i understand i should be paying and what i agreed to when i signed up to my new contract last month.  The airtime tariff actually says £22.75 but it is not clear why, thereis 3 separate and all unique charges listed for o2 insure which i was told i would not be charged for but non-the-less i will cancel.  Still doesnt add up to £1.75 though.


To recap:

On oct 9th I went on Live Chat to confirm that the new
tariff I was interested in would be valid for my work discount of 25%.
Instead the guy on Live Chat offered me a deal which I agreed to and I
received all the documentation by email that day. The day after I got my
phone, oct 14th, I got an email from o2 saying there was a second order
that I needed to ring up and cancel or I'd be charged more! I failed to
see why the onus should be on the customer but nevertheless I did call
up, at approx. 12:30 on that very day and the lady on the phone assured me
it would be cancelled and all would be well.

My bill was issued on  approx. Oct 19th and I was immediately alarmed by the extra £70odd I was
being charged (I had agreed to £21 per month) so I contacted o2 via
facebook that very moment. No response. 

So on Monday I tried via Instagram. No response.

Later in the week I received an email asking me to review
something, I used it as an opportunity to write about this situation. No response.

On Sunday 28th I went on live chat and spent almost an hour
trying to get confirmation my bill would be corrected but this
conversation was completely fruitless and wasteful of both mine and his
time. He finally advised me to call 202 and ask for a refund. I decided
to wait until Monday when I was sure full staff would be on (because
when I called on the 14th it was conveyed that some departments were not
open) so I spoke to a lady on Monday lunchtime and for the first time I
felt like I was being listened to and the proper action would be taken. 
Originally the lady said a credit would be added to my
account to make up the difference of the £70 odd that I should not have
to pay (for the second order that I had nothing to do with) and that I
would see it on my o2 account within 24 hours. However, I did say that
it not ideal as I'm still expected to pay FOUR TIMES my expected bill
amount on the 3rd when it is due. Even if I hadn't just moved into my
own place for the first time and -am therefore struggling to make ends
meet- I would have an issue with paying out so much extra for no apparent
reason. So the lady said she would order a refund form for me or
something? I checked my account 24hourslater and could see no credit but
I wasn't sure if that's because im getting a refund now instead. So, I
went back on live chat and had another conversation where i was assured that there was indeed a credit on my account however the amount of £94.79 would be taken by direct debit on the normal bill date.


I still was not satisfied after that the issue was resolved so i tried again on live chat and pasted the paragraphs you see above so as to give the staff a clear history.  I had to speak to poeple for over an hour and a half before i could sign off.  The customer service chap suggested:

1. i cancel the direct debit

2. he would get the bill reissued at correct amount

3. i should make payment via card online

4. the late fee would be credited


So far it isnot obvious to me that any of this has happened.  I have paid what i believe i truly owe.  I hope by thetimemy next bill is issued on november 19th that this is all resolved but in the meantime the concern will linger on my mind for another two weeks. Frankly im gobsmacked this is taking so much of my time to resolve when i didnt do anything to cause the problem in the first place.

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@flOs This is not O2. This is a customer community. You need to speak to customer service. Do not rely on Live Chat. Speak to someone.


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Firstly, I would be very dubious about having a second order I had to call up to cancel.
Second, I would not be relying on live chat to resolve this. Call o2 on the 202 number (or their 08 number on the above link) - best time would be 8-8:30am.
My guess is that the contract you were on hadnot expired, and the ~£70 that you were asked to pay was the remainder of that. The ~£21 you are expecting takes that up to the ~£94 in total.
Either that or you are being charged for a 2nd line, and your old deal has not been cancelled.
In either case, to resolve this you would need to speak to customer services.
Out of interest, do you have two numbers registered on your account on My o2? If yes, then it would definitely appear to be two contracts...

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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Follow the steps here and check the recent charges section which will show credits on your account.

Only following this will you see refunds as it doesn't show in the recent charges on the My O2 landing page. That is purely for charges to your account, not for refunds.

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Hi both



Thanks for the superfast replies and advice.


I did realise this is o2 community but mistakenly thought o2 might see the comments.  I have written in this feedback forum because my feedback is, generally, that this has been a nightmare, i used the opportunity to write the whole to story for record.


Just for your interest I didnt realise that speaking via 202 was the better option than chat but can confirm that I have spoken to customer services, at least twice to no confident end.  I have all the transcripts from chat, i felt that was necessary after the difficulty i was experiencing.


I can confirm that i believe there is indeed a second order, speaking via 202 and live chat i have been told over and over again how i owe (apparently) for two phones because one was ordered on the 9th (which i was aware of and agreed to via the live chat) and then it was done AGAIN on october 10th through some sort of error i presume although nobody has confirmed why or how and for some reason o2 are putting the responsibility on me even though i had nothing to do with it!


Anyway no more i can do for now, will have to wait and see.


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Not applicable



As advised ring up to get this sorted, O2 won't respond via facebook or instagram as these are not viewed as secure channels for discussing account details and the survey e-mail is just for statistical purposes.


All the best.

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Cheers for the mention on this one @jonsie and thanks to all for chipping in! 


Please let us know how you get on with customer services @flOs and let me know if you need any assistance getting this resolved. 

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I totally forgot about this thread and only now see unread notifications as i come back to the forum in desperation again rolling_eyes

i apologise for not rounding off with the final outcome.

i did get the above resolved thank you, persistance paid off but it was unecessary stress.

Wish id remembered about this before i upgraded and stayed with o2 recently.  Why is it so difficult to speak to o2?  My new phone was delivered to the wrong address and I raised it via live chat, boy was that fun.  Eventually i got an email o2 telling me to sort it out with DHL myself! 

DHL never responded but the guy went in his own time to the wrong address and picked it up for me.

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