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simple upgrade proving nightmare

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I recently upgraded my phone online to a iPhone xs (or so I thought). That evening after logging into my 02 account I find I have 2 separate telephone numbers my own and a new one. I then realised that I hadn't upgraded but set up new contract under the same account. I tried your online chat service which was of no use despite it being advertised as best point of contact.In fact the screen shots of  online chat can only be described as comedy gold and provided much entertainment to colleagues and friends.  I then telephoned and was advised after insisting I wanted to cancel all my contracts with o2 that I would be offered a deal, considering how helpful the person was I agreed.  I was advided all I had to do is reject the delivery of the new phone with the courier as well as upgrade which would mean another phone would be sent out (the same make) which I would accept. This all meant I would have the new contract cancelled and have an upgraded phone on my current contract. With o2 it isn't that simple the courier DHL advised me I can't reject a delivery and o2 does this all the time. I had to arrange redelivery through the post office at my own expense as their free delivery does not cover the phone if its lost. Lets be honest 02 track record strong possibility of something going wrong. So I was advised wrong I have emailed DHL asking for clarification it seems like 02 adviser give the wrong information. I have now telephoned to cancel my upgrade. As soon as both phones have been returned t I will cancel any dealings with 02 after 11 years and shop around providers. I have also advised family and friends to do similar. I had a previous issue whereby I tried to pay of a device with 02 on the telephone only for my payment of approx 700 pound to go towards my airtime plan!!!!! Go figure why would I pay 700 pound in advance for airtime plan. That was just two of many dramas with o2

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@orestes We are all customers here, and can only sympathise with your problems. You're going to have to persist with customer service to try to get this sorted.

Your other option is to lodge a formal complaint: We've been told that the Resolver link within that link is the most likely way to get your issue seen to.


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This email was recieved from courier 
From: Executive Desk <>
Sent: 18 December 2018 15:04
To: 'matt kelly'
Subject: RE: complaint

Dear Matt


Thank you for taking the time to contact us.


I have passed your email on to the site manager to take up with the driver as they should not have advised you as they did.


On behalf of UK Mail I would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you once again for bringing this to our attention.  Please be assured that procedures have been implemented to prevent a recurrence.


Omar Farooq

Executive desk


DHL Parcel UK Ltd
Express House

Hillman Way





DHL Parcel – Excellence. Simply delivered


It makes it more frustrating. I hate phoning customer services becuase of 15 minute wait then trying to tell your story again to every department only to start again. While trying to remain civil. Told DHL will try recover cost of posting insuring myself through small claims court costs more but always about the principal. Cant believe delivery driver fed me lies. Cant believe an upgrade turned into a new contract with new telephone number. I have complained leaving it at that let down by DHL and O2 was so looking forward to my xmas present to myself. See if i can get one from another provider or foot cost outright 


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It seems to be a major problem getting issues put right with customer service. Live chat can be a joke liaising with staff who's first language isn't English. The delivery drivers only get paid for the umber of items delivered and have to fill in paperwork for returned items which is probably the reason he ed you lies.

You really need to check coverage within your normal areas of usage so we recommend you get free P&G sims from the other networks before deciding on a new network.


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Cheers so true and good advive. Thanks

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Hi @orestes, I'm very sorry to hear you've had such a challenging experience so far. I'm not sure how much progress you've made with this since you last posted, but if you'd like us to get someone to look into this with you please let us know - I'd happily check with our gurus what they'd advise at this point slight_smile

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