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o2 Recycle Scam UPDATE - More Braisen Than Ever. Do Not Recycle Your Phone.

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- I was quoted £155 for my phone. I sent it in.

- They contact me, saying they'd give me £85 due to a "cracked back cover"

- I request evidential photographs of damage. They become reluctant. Instead offering me £103.

- I smelt a rat at this point so I said I'd have the £103 provided they prove it's actually damaged.

- They pay me £103 but do not provide me with photographic evidence.

- I chase this up and it was clear they didnt wish to provide this. I look online and was astounded to see and hear what it going on at o2 Recycle.


THEN !! .. Low and behold, they send me through photograpic evidence but not of the damaged back cover that they initially claimed was there but they send me a photo of what appears to be a different phone all together and of a "cracked camera lens", not a cracked back cover as initially stated. 


I know people say that it is "Recycle" or "Redeem" who is responsible, but it is o2 that is setting us up to be defrauded out of money and of our property. 


I am truly disgusted. I cant even speak further with o2 Recycle as I can honestly say that you just cant believe a word that comes out of their mouths and it is clear that this is sinister/criminal. 


I will absolutely be seeking legal advice on this matter. This just isnt on, and what's worse is that this doesnt appear to even be a secret. 

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Unfortunately O2 Recycle are well known for this sort of scandalous behaviour.

You would have been better off taking your phone to CEX. They would have given you a a much improved price.

Like yourself, many of us on here are astounded that O2 continue to deal with this company. Sometimes they border on fraud. If you want to make a complaint then please follow the advice in this thread  Use Resolver in the link.

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Thanks @Cleoriff , You're right mate. Not being aware of the Recycle service before I just wasn't aware of what was going on.


What I should say though is that o2 (Not Recycle/Redeem) have given me £20 credit as a result of what has happened. I say that because it's only fair that I mention that (regardless of whether it solves the issue or not). Despite this debarcle, I am actually a satisfied customer of the regular o2 services.


My concern is that o2 are either using a company (or has a department) that is potentially having people over, and therefore o2 have to take some responsibility. 


So I went from being quoted £155, to being offered £85 and after some debate I settled for £103. On top of that o2 offered me a £20 credit on my account as "good will", which, whilsty not perfect, did help a little. It's just a shame there needs to be all of that malarkey in the first place. 


Final thought - I'd steer clear of o2 Recycle totally, or if you use it then just.... actually... I would'nt even bother. Save yourself the grief.

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None of us would ever even consider using them and had you asked, we'd have advised you the same.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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@SD Too bad you didn't come here first. An expensive lesson, which I'm sure you'll have learned from when it comes to recycle your next phone.


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The fact that O2 offered £20 as a goodwill gesture would seem to confirm they know only too well, as we do, just what absolute lies this abortion of a company resorts to in order to defraud customers, a company that carries (badly!) the O2 branding and who's directors are laughing all the way to the bank. Outrageous!


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@jonsie , I know. It does unfortunately seem that way. The o2 operator did seem to be suggesting that instead of me being scammed, it was perhaps human error in incorrectly describing the damage to my phone, seemingly skirting over most of the issue. Which, by that point I was just utterly fed up with the whole thing.

It seems like it’s not even a dirty secret, which makes it all the more awful.
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